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lemoneater (57.24)

Hittite Ancient History or Modern Technology?



February 20, 2014 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: HITT.DL

This morning I was checking for stocks that would be going ex-dividend on February 28th and I happened on Hittite Microwave Company (HITT). It is a fabless semiconductor company with an eye catching, charming company logo inspired by cuniform writing. Talk about branding with name recognition and a sense of history! I first ran into the ancient, warlike Hittites in Sunday School than later on in History of Civilization.

Appropriately enough, Hittite Microwave Company serves the defense industry, but the "microwave" part of their name comes from their Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC). Right now HITT is trading near 57 closer to its low of 52 rather than its high of near 67.  

Hittite's annual dividend yield is 1.05% so it may not appeal to dividend investors, but if one is looking for an small cap semiconductor company with a special market niche Hittite might be a good chariot to hitch to. My portfolio currently has a few other semis already in the stable (TSM, XLNX, and BRCM) so I probably won't be buying this particular chariot at this time, but I thought I'd mention it.


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#1) On February 24, 2014 at 1:18 PM, TMFLomax (89.32) wrote:

Hi lemoneater,

You had me at "logo inspired by cuniform writing." :)

I just wanted to say hello. You commented on one of my recent articles and I was glad to "see" you, since I haven't been around the blogs for a while! For a LONG time, actually. I hope you are well!

And +1 rec for sharing an interesting company! I don't follow the industry but it sounds like a neat company, given the historical connotations!


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#2) On February 24, 2014 at 1:58 PM, lemoneater (57.24) wrote:

:) I'm doing very well. Thanks for asking!

Investing is fascinating because it touches on so many different facets of life: healthy eating, the weather, ethics, etc. 

Glad you enjoyed the cuniform mention. I like semiconductors because I consider them the ingredients of technology. Some invest in APPL: I invest in Apple seeds. Intel is not the only thing inside:). My husband is my subject expert for semiconductors.

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#3) On February 25, 2014 at 1:51 PM, TMFLomax (89.32) wrote:

Yes! I am big into the big picture of investing like you say. It can and does feed into everything we do. Which can be a bit crazy making at times, but I think so many of us around here have that holistic sense so we can at least talk about these things!

I am so glad to hear you are well! :) 

And indeed, the Apple seeds is a great idea and a great metaphor. :) And indeed, that's great you have your husband for some expertise -- Intel is the one that first comes to mind, but that's a great thing to have knowledge that is not the ONLY thing inside! 

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