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alstry (< 20)

How BAD is it really???



June 13, 2009 – Comments (4)

Let's not talk about green shoot or yellow weeds or nonsense like that...what are the facts.

We have more people collecting unemployment than EVER.  We have more people working part time who want ot work full time EVER.  We have more people getting wages cut than EVER.

Now we have 21,000,000 government workers and countless millions of health care workers whose jobs are in jeapordy as there simply is not enough money to pay them.....that is right.....not enough money to pay them.

How do we know....because the governors of practically every state in the Union tells us and so does our President.

Bankruptcies are approaching record rates....6000 individuals and businesses per day. 

Food Banks are running out of food....even in the nice areas who are not used to seeing so many people.

New home communities are becoming ghost towns and shopping centers are becoming ghost malls. 

Conditions in a number of cities have become so bad that we are now bulldozing entire sections of that is what I call preparation for green shoots as soon as the grass grows.

Thousands of Office Buildings are vacant and those that have occupants are seeing many leave.....

Retailers are shutting down by the thousands every month.

Law Firms are telling the people they just hired don't come to work....and many that are working there are being kicked out the door.

Exports are way down.....but don't worry so are imports.......I guess that is what Economists call balanced trade.

Airlines are shrinking faster than a pierced lung as we see round after round of cutbacks.

New Housing sales are down 80% but that is a lot better than the over 50% for new car sales.

But don't tell that to the dealers who have seen their dealerships get cut off 100% while S&P earnings are down only 90%..

Hotels are begging for visitors as revpar is down double digits and cab drivers keep telling me they miss the good ole days.

College grads are wondering why they borrowed so much money because there is little need for their degrees and payments are kicking in as grad abortion rate is miserable.

Universities are preparing to cut many tens of thousands of positions around the some instances, things are so bad colleges are contemplating shutting down completely.

Chemical companies, Technology Companies, and many other companies are wondering where did their customers go as profits evaporate and input costs go higher.

Tax receipts are going the way of the dinosaur....even as taxes are raised.  Receipts have slowed so much the state of CA is contemplating borrowing from cities who are scrambling for money and have nobody smaller than them...except you and me the taxpayer. 

The postal service is servicing so little that lots of cuts will have to be made.

Truckers are so slow that it is more profitable to stop than keep on truckin.

At this point, if you don't work for the government, or your customers benefit from the government, or you are just damn guess is that you are pretty much sucking wind.....and if it ain't happening now......THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS!!!!!

Because you are about to see an unprecedented level of wage redutions and job cuts as government and government benefitted jobs are about to meet Mr. Zombulator.......and wants it is practically impossible to avoid its zombatic fallout.

Just is time to are about to leave the Matrix.



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#1) On June 13, 2009 at 12:57 AM, bigcat1969 (80.02) wrote:

And none of those things are the root of the problem.  The problem is consumers overspent for years and are paying the piper.  They can't afford to service their debt and they cannot afford to spend over 100% of their income any more.  The new normal is spending less and trying to survive, but the government is committed to spending the difference between what consumer's 'should' be spending and what they can afford to spend to prop up the economy.  For every penny Americans put in savings, the government will spend a cent and a half.  For every dollar that the US citizens don't spend the government will spend a buck and a half to save the companies that are floundering and push up the stock market.  It will work until the government money runs out or is simply printed and we either face true depression or 30s style German style inflation.

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#2) On June 13, 2009 at 3:02 AM, hhasia (65.03) wrote:

While the above post is clear, it offers no solution. I will put forward a simple elegant one.

First, realize that you are a corporation. This is why your name is in all caps on the drivers licence, and all government records. Under the Universal Commercial Code, this is a fact. The government does not recognize you as flesh and blood, but an unincorporated corporation.

So, step one. Make it real. File to trademark this unicorporated corporation, or incorporate it. The trademark route is the simple one.

Step 2, let the flesh and blood person, that's  your name without the all caps, file a lien for all past and future contributions this trademark/incorporated business has or will make to the other business that puts claim on  your earnings. This confirms the position that the flesh and blood you has authority over any outside corporation. This makes the real you first in line.

Step 3, securitize the lien. Then deposit the lien and get those "lent bail out funds" back as well as future ones.

I think the public is waking up to the fact that the tax payer is the creditor. This lien cuts off the line of credit from a corporation that missuses the faith of the people. Be aware, do not do this without a lawyer who has expertise in the Universal Commercial Code and law.

 Call this revenge of the "serf".





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#3) On June 13, 2009 at 9:23 AM, dickseacup (< 20) wrote:

hhasia: have you done this? what was the result? links to detailed steps?

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#4) On June 13, 2009 at 3:17 PM, StopLaughing (< 20) wrote:

Alstry   You need to look into this. Soros wants Credit Swaps banned. He does not come right out and say it but  you can use the CDs as a defacto naked short (illegal) to attack any vulnerable stock.

As long as the 401Ks have all kinds of restrictions that bias them in favor of buy and hold (can't short or hedge against drops, not even options) the hedge funds will find a way to drop the market every so often and panic the retirement funds.  That effectively transferes the wealth from the 401ks to the hedge funds who are short.  That is what just happened in 2008-09. 

Any Obama rally is vulnerable to the same tactic. Bernanke, Paulson and the SEC head had to know this when they put the TARP in place and then ran around screaming depression. Ditto for the Obama people in Jan and Feb. 


Anyway at the end of the article is a link to the 15 states with the worst budget deficits.  I am sure you will like that list. 

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