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How Can You Apply For A UTR Number In Three Simple Ways



May 14, 2018 – Comments (0)

If you happen to be self-employed, you will be required to fill out a tax return yourself – this is commonly called as self-assessment. For you to b able to fill out your tax return as a self-employed individual, either in a sole proprietorship or in a partnership, you will have to have a Unique Taxpayer Reference Number which is also called as the UTR number. The process of obtaining this number, although simple, can easily turn out to be a big nightmare if at all you do not follow the accurate steps. However, it can be extremely simple if you follow the right away. There are three simple means that can help you obtain this unique number without much of hustles.

Get In touch With Your Local Tax Office

This happens to be one of the easiest means of acquiring the UTR number so if at all you want to get over with the entire process quickly. Just visit your local taxation office with the relevant documents that have been listed at the HMRC websites. Some of the documents comprise of your national insurance number, passport and photos and much more. Once you have all these prerequisites in hand, you will have to fill up a form which you will be able to do quickly. You can then go home and relax as you wait for your UTR number to come to you via post.

Visiting The Post Office

You can get hold of your UTR number by applying through post. Just download the relevant form from the HMRC website and customs and fill it out. As you have filled it, you can then send it to your local taxation office where they will have it examined and then send you your UTR within a few weeks.

Apply Over The Web

One other simple yet effective approach to apply for the UTR number is through the Web. You just have to provide the required details on the website of the company and then you will get a notification that they have received your application. Within a few weeks, you will be receiving your UTR number at your local postal address.

As you apply for your UTR number, you must keep this aspect in mind that this number if considered to be extremely imperative and must be kept confidential. Once you have received it, keep it in a safe and secure place where no one can access it and make use of it against your interest.

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