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How do you get to be the top dog? and



April 22, 2009 – Comments (2)

Still have the worst stock picks? Cause I look at number 1 (percentile today of total stock gain); South Malu? and I can't figure out why that person is one of the top dogs!, out there? Look; what, someone was best at a year ago and forgot/ or did not care to change their TMF, why should I or U care? I want to find the real investor who states, what he does and sell; and get I want him/her hired in 6 figure range by this site, cause I would not want to give free information either.,...are u 99+ percentile really and  holding what u spout, or am I just wishfull; am I being wishfull? Please help, cause having 10K% in good times(2yrs ago, is not the same as today!)!! Dam it I am trying my best, and what I listed is what some; I hold and wish I could have hold (if I had the money).......More that I never list. What do u real people suggest.

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#1) On April 22, 2009 at 1:01 PM, motleyanimal (38.38) wrote:

If you want big gains, you have to take big risks.

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#2) On April 22, 2009 at 2:20 PM, russiangambit (28.86) wrote:

What you often find, people close their winning picks closesely to keep their accuracy score high and they keep their loosing picks open just hoping to get even . That is why when you are looking at the current holdings, they are mostly loosers.

The CAPS score is a function of accuracy and the number of points. Accuracy is the most important factor. You can have somebody with 5K points and accuracy of 60%, and they will have lower score than somebody with 1K points and accuracy of 75%.

So, to get to the top you need to have good accuracy and a lot of points (which usually means a lot of picks).

And never forget, it is just a game. So, things people are doing in CAPS are not always going to work out in your portfolio.

To match CAPS performance in real life, you would have to keep 100% SP500 hedge, because you are trying to ourperform SP500 here.

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