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How free are we really ?



June 13, 2013 – Comments (4)

Can  we call  this  one  big  library for  the select  few,  paid  for by the many  or not paid  for given  the outstanding  debts  and  debts  created merely  by  the interest on  the debt outstanding.

Yesterday  a  big  stink was  made  about  reuters  allowing  paid  subscribers  to  get  released  data  early  and  than  even a  select   fewer  that  paid  more  to  even  get  it  seconds  faster.  

Sadly  many  don't  release  that  when  they  finally do  release their  surveys  that  said information  has  already  been  leaked many  times  over  ~   undeniably even  leaker  before  its  leaked  earliest  to  its  highest paying   high  frequency  subscribers.

Its all  just  B  S...

A  bunch  of  cowboys  looking  to  rip  each other off.

Heck  before  you  can even  click  to see it,   they've already placed  and had  in  place thousands  of  bets  before  your  screen loads.

Some readers  are like  wtf  is  he talking about now ?  and  yes  the  L's  dont  wanna work on my keyboard its  rather  annoying...

Now  an  interesting  fact:

NSA officials have said the agency chose the Bluffdale location over 37 others because electricity is cheaper here, and land more easily available. The center will constantly use 65 megawatts of power — enough to power 33,000 houses.

So  much  for  all  those tree huggers  wanna be  save  the  planet  types as  this  spy  center is  total overkill.

They say  they  stopped  like  12  small scale  plots  by  spying  on  everything  we  do  without  any  warrants or  probable  cause  other  than paranoia... 

But  what  plots ?  hell  the  last  plot  was  stopped   by  the  canadians  and  the one  before  that  was  stopped because of a  concerned  citizen  who  saw something  he  thought was  odd  at   times  square  and  than  the  idiot  wanna  be  terrorist  used  the  wrong  kind  of   fertillizer  so  it  wasn't  gonna  explode  anyways. 

They stopped  squat...   hell  a  lot  of  this  can  be  stopped  either  by  making  smarter  foreign  policy decisions  or  simply  making  the penalty  for  such  attacks  so  horrendous  that  no  one  would  dare  or  once  done  no  one  associated  with  said  attacker would  see the light of  the  next day.

We  are paying  for  what  we  don't  want.

Back  in  the  day  the  gov-ment  was  doing  the  same  thing,  but it was  only spying  on  citizens  of  any  known  worth  ~   FBI has had  files on  such  people  such as  Steve  Jobs,  Jimmy  Hendrix,   Janis  Joplan,  etc  etc.

Now  we  are  data mining  even pets.  Let  alone  every keystroke,  email,  and  phone  call  as  well  as  your  location.

They tell  you  its  classified.

So is the bill.

Just another way to rip  you off.


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#1) On June 13, 2013 at 11:13 AM, L0RDZ (82.16) wrote:

Caps not working...


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#2) On June 13, 2013 at 11:15 AM, L0RDZ (82.16) wrote:

Caps  wont allow me to say what I wanted  in  response to my last post...   good job  censorship at its best with  TMF that or  incompetence...


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#3) On June 13, 2013 at 11:18 AM, L0RDZ (82.16) wrote:

Lets just  say that I was rather  critical of  those people who come here  to sell stuff  and  gloat...  about  their  calls  made  after the fact....


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#4) On June 13, 2013 at 7:23 PM, awallejr (85.54) wrote:

And yet people give freely to Zuckerberg a ton of personal data all for him to try and package and monetize away.

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