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How Long Can We Keep Borrowing Our Own Money To Pay Ourselves To Labor?



June 01, 2012 – Comments (1)

It is a great scam....we borrow trillions of WE THE PEOPLE's money to pay the people barely enough to survive while those holding financial assets control the lives of the people.

In 2002...public borrowing was minimal....but today, we are borrowing over $1.5 Trillion dollars per year....enough to pay 50,000,000 $30K per year....not to mention our Foolish students borrowing billions to pay millions of teachers to teach them subjects that likely won't be relevant in a technologically driven economy.

Remember....a government deficit is borrowing WE THE PEOPLE's money.....and now only a few of WE THE PEOPLE are disproportionately benefitting from this tyranical ponzi scheme.....

Hang on....we are getting much closer to the collapse as WE THE PEOPLE want WE THE PEOPLE's money.

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#1) On June 02, 2012 at 6:03 AM, IlanBigfoot (75.58) wrote:

At less than 3% for a 30 year bond, a long time. 

 I can think of a number of assets that may return more than 3% over thirty years. For one, we could invest in our children's education more. But regardless, we can always inflate that debt away. 3% inflation is quite reasonable and easy to live with. 

 As long as China and other foreign investors are looking to us to a safe haven at such low prices, we should give it to them. 

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