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How long will we be in the waiting room?



October 09, 2009 – Comments (1)

So now we know that there is no chance of a recovery due to credit evaporating as we are a credit dependent economy.  We also know police departments are being weaponized military crowd control devices and mutant ninja turtle outfits.  The question is why?  Maybe because our politicians are concerned what may happen when the people find out what is really happening to the economy of America due to the Fed's Zombulation policies????  When you got 10,000 people applying for 90 jobs...people can get a bit frustrated.  Heck, look how mad the masses get with just discussing health care "reform."

And the deterioration is not geographically centered as was the case in the past....revenue evaporation is occuring in and around practically every square inch of the nation....not to mention a bunch of countries around the world.

Dwindling revenues and stalled labor negotiations may force Palo Alto to shelve its emergency-preparation program, eliminate police-department traffic teams and contract out maintenance for its parks and golf course, city officials said Monday night.

The grim news about the city's latest budget figures and its options for closing a structural $10 million deficit was discussed at Monday night's City Council meeting, at which council members and staff warned that the ongoing recession would soon force Palo Alto to start eliminating programs and services.

City Manager James Keene told the council that though the national recession may be coming to an end, the city's precarious financial situation has not improved.

As we are now know.....the city's precarious financial situation is not limited to the city and is the same financial situation being faced by practically every city, county, and state in America.  The Federal government keeps get to print until they get cut off....who knows when that will be???

So as many of you wait for a housing recovery, or a jobs recovery, or a whatever recovery room you choose to sit advised the patient is in the ER and if we don't make dramatic changes to the current treatment may be waiting for the recovery for a long long long time.....if it ever comes.

With all the budget cutbacks, all across the will likely be lost for millions of homeowners, customers and taxpayers......making up such a massive amount of unemployment will be very difficult at a time when few are hiring.

York County Stretch Thin After Layoffs

Village of Snowmass Colorado - 6

City of Moraine - 187 

BPG Properties - 10% of Corporate Staff

Consolidations, Layoffs Hits Atlanta Drugmakers

Layoffs Hit Public Health Workers Hard

Halifax Health - 80 Jobs Total

Whatcom County Bus Service - Cutting Routes, up to 20 Layoffs

Virginia Tech Prepares Employees for Layoffs

Boeing - 130 Layoffs Notices

City of Northwood - 5

Pittsfield School District - More Layoffs?

Hamilton County Library Systems - Layoffs / Closings Possible

City of Spokane - 24 Officers?

State of Indiana - Budget Problems, Layoffs Possible

Oral Roberts University - 124

I know, who cares about the fact that banks are not lending, private equity has pretty much evaporated, commerical real estate is crashing, government running massive deficits, few are hiring, many are firing, health care sick, businesses shutting down, families getting kicked out of their homes, forclosures backing up, tax receipts evaporating, or bankrupctcies skyrocketing.....the recession is over and we are in a recovery....

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#1) On October 10, 2009 at 7:10 PM, cthomas1017 (98.66) wrote:

Wait, I thought you were taking a break.  Oh, a coffee break.  Oh well, at least my prediction on your previous blog (oops, sorry, I should have written "commentary").  Your word is worthless.  A man is only as good as his word.

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