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How soon they forget ~ white collar crimes do pay...



June 21, 2013 – Comments (0)

What is wrong  with these judges... 

They apparently  decided  to  knock 10 years off  Jeff Skillings  sentence  and  instead of  24 years  he gets 14...  and time  off for good  behavior and  for time served...  wtf,,,

He's  in  probably  some  federal  country club  like  prison  where  inmates  can  buy  gourmet foods  ~  massages  ~   when  he  needs  to be  instead  in  some  pedo phile  colon  molesting  we  hate  rich  whitey type   prison.

He will get out  just in time  to  retire  and  collect  social security...

Unless of course  some  Dahmer  like  mop incident  occurs.

In  a  karmatic  poetic  reality,  we'd  have  Jeff  released  only  to be  beaten to within an  inch of  his life by  the many  people who had lost almost everything  thanks to  his  schemes.

That or  we  allow him to  enter a  half way house  and  force him to wear a  blonde  wig and  lip stick and  the  penile institution  forces  him to  earn  all  the  costs  associated with his  incarceration by  pimp him out  in  the  deviant  parts of  say  San  Fran cisco...

Question  how  many  happy endings  do  you think he  needs  to make  happen  to  pay for  all the resources he wasted in his  crimes  and  for  the cost in  housing ~  feeding ~  and  providing  medical attention to  this  criminal ?

Jeff if  you  can  log  onto  the  fool...


You are a big  piece of  $H!T

and your son committed suicide... because of  your sins.



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