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How to buy MSM Industrials Direct...



January 05, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MSM

This is for those lucky investors that bought whatever amount of shares of MSM industrials direct for a significantly cheaper price...28 - 34$ a share awhile back.

I've been doing some thinking and my thinking is that I don't care about the share price cause I like the dividend.  However, I do care about getting a good deal for my money.

When I look at my portfolio and see a stock has run up huge so quickly...basically pricing in it's PEAK for 2009 already...  Then I have to build in a simple Wide-Scale rule.

I do this for every stock in my portfolio.  Depending on the company's share price and the company's prospects, I set my wide scale...

I fully expect a big drop in MSM's stock price during this gut wrenching earnings report week which I don't think will look good for the company.

So when the stock dips from profit takers and panic sellers.....when should you buy more MSM if you want more MSM?  Investors have until January 20th to pull the trigger for more shares of MSM if they want the purchase to produce immediate Dividend payments in February.

Personally... MSM's prospects are huge...but the share price has jumped too high, too fast... Investors have bandwagoned the stock and a massive pullback should be in store this week or next.

I'd wait for a 5 point decline on this one.

Where-ever the highest closing price is this week for the stock... You buy 5 points below that price.

So... a closing price of $42.50 means you'll wait this one down to $37.50 before buying more shares.

Timing is everything and I think you'll need to make your move a few trading days before Jan. 20th.
I'd look at January 16th as a good buying day if you don't get the sell-off you want before then.

Anyhow.. If you haven't already done so....for investors who invested in 2008...Set up your Wide-Scale Buying and of course if you are Trading anything...Set up your Trading Percentages on your stock portfolios NOW... before the real bad economic news strikes or the hysteria over an Obama Economic Package passes the House/Senate.

I expect 2009 to have the same type of hysteric pops and drops in the DOW which will do some startling things to some of your stocks.

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