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May 24, 2013 – Comments (1)

The Kobayashi Maru was a test in Star Trek to see how a potential captain would react to a no-win scenario.


It must choose between a (environmentally and financially) failing economic system or save the billions who are victims of it
Neither choice offers a sustainable solution for the planet...but th...ere is a way to win

In Star Trek, you can see how Kirk was the only Captain to ever beat the test here:

In real life, you can see one proposal to beat the test here:

Soon many of you will learn that after 2008, money became the modern day equivalent of slavery. Its genesis was the product of fraudulent bank loans being made by criminal bankers.

Ironically, the head of the IMF is now under investigation for theft and embezzlement:

Today, if you have money, you are free...and if you don't you are a slave. But if having money is based on a criminal/immoral financial system, is that really freedom?

For me, it was easy to see how corrupt our system became, especially after the bailout of the banks. It was my area of expertise and knowledge, plus a game I had passion about as long as it had acceptable rules.

The irony is most of you and many around the world, EVEN AFTER LEARNING HOW CORRUPT THE SYSTEM REALLY WAS, still supported it. A system in direct contravention of your religious and most of your publicly stated beliefs.

I place no fault in anyone...we were all nurtured into this system....and few more than me. But it helps me understand how evil people can be to each other....even those people who perceive themselves to be good.

I am very optimistic about our future and our children's future. Automation will eliminate much of the requirement for human jobs and the requirement for control we have over each other.

As it is now clear to me this system is finally collapsing, I hope you understand why I sent you these eMails. And if it is not clear today, it will be soon as evil triumphs when the good do nothing.

All the best,


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#1) On May 25, 2013 at 11:50 AM, MoneyWorksforMe (< 20) wrote:

 Collective Corruption, as explained by Thorsten Polleit:

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