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Hype or Hemp? What’s Going on in the USA with Medical Marijuana?



June 10, 2018 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: CGC

 Medical Marijuana research is on the rise. Today, I was approached by a multi-level marketing company that sells Hemp Oil legally through their network nationwide. I had to dig a little deeper. Since Marijuana is illegal in all but 9 states, can they really mail it? And, since I’m a retired Postal Clerk, I had to investigate.

   It turns out that there is a lot going on in this industry. It’s kind of behind the scenes. Marijuana and the generational discord on “Getting High” still control the public’s perception of marijuana use, medically or otherwise. The knowledge on CBD’s is virtually unknown. Digging in, I found some answers that surprised me.  The revolutionary knowledge that has eluded the scientific community for ages.

   CBD’s: the naturally occurring chemical cannabinoid, mostly used in medical marijuana. (Also present, CBN’s, THC’s, CBG’s, 85 cannabinoids in all)

   THC’s: the hallucinogenic cannabinoid component of cannabis.

   THCA’s: a crystalline formed cannabinoid, (99.9% pure THC) when marijuana is processed using CO2. It results in THC in crystal form. If ingested it is totally inactive, (the A in the name) but put into a vaporizer it becomes the most potent THC on the market. Currently selling in California for $200 a gram.

   CBD is only one of many cannabinoids in Hemp and Marijuana. In case you didn’t know there is a difference in the plants, hemp is a cousin to marijuana. They’re both of the same family. Hemp being Cannabis indica, which is grown because it is lower in THC, and is used for cloth, paper, rope and other materials that were especially popular in the 1700 and 1800’s. The seeds of the female Hemp plant are ground and the oils are used for cooking and as a suspension in the oils sold over the counter. Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa, has the higher THC content, and also the female plants produce the better CBD’s in this strain. The investigative pursuit of the good effects of CBD’s were waylaid for years. The 1960’s - 1970’s were years of negative prevalent use in the public’s eye. These years surrounded the Vietnam war and the counterculture of “Hippies” or “Flower Power Children.” Illegal use stopped much of the structured medical breakthroughs that would have opened the public’s eyes to a different outcome sooner. This did begin again, with science from our neighbors to the north.

   I started my company searches with Canada. Canada has legal medical marijuana use nationwide. This year, (Voted and approved on June 7, 2018) they will be legalized recreationally. Aphria, Inc. Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth, Abattis Bioceuticals, and Radient Technologies are company stocks traded in Canada. Canopy Growth entered the USA in May 2018 and is now traded on NYSE: CGC. Abattis Bioceuticals and Aurora Cannabis are combining developing technologies. Abattis has developed a new way to extract the CBD oils with a 99% recovery rate. That is big news in the industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if they enter the NYSE soon. The method used for that high level of extraction is not known publicly.

   Until now, the average extraction was one of two ways. CO2 is considered the better of the two. Grinding of the plant stems and seeds and adding ethanol, then vaporizing the chemical, is the other. In many other countries, bleach is used, rendering the CBD’s lethal. Much controversy surrounds even the use of ethanol and the ingestion of it in the final medical product. The potency and recovery rates were about 80% with the ethanol. Each company has posted potency rates between 15.9% lowest, and 22.77% highest, for the medical CBD’s.  Legally, the over the counter, mail order CBD’s can’t have higher than 0.3% potency. If the extraction rate is brought to the 99% as stated, it’ll mean fewer oil fillers and condensed oils of very high quality and potency available for medical use. The over-the-counter oils will still be held at only 0.3% potency.

    I am going to purchase the Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) and look into the Abattis Bioceuticals when they join the US markets. Aurora Cannabis will also be on my radar. I think the medical technologies and uses will be expanded in the near future. Marijuana and it’s many properties was used in ancient cultures. I believe after the negative drug use connotations move over, it will find its way into many homes for treating a large variety of medical issues.

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