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I ain't dead you Fools!!!



August 12, 2012 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: OAS , CLR , KOG.DL

It's been quite a while since I posted here and frankly I'm a little embarrassed, and a lot sorry.  Turns out that there really aren't enough hours in the day. Most of my 1st shift hours go to helping clients, including a new group of clients who are using my flat rate consulting service and managing money of course.  At night, I write.

If you have followed me elsewhere you know I am writing on the blog network here on Fool- though even there I took a few months off- and on the Trading Deck at  I'm also now a recurring guest on FTNS internet radio and oh yeah, have a book coming out soon.  If you didn't read "Freedom from OPEC" at you don't want to miss that.

I have a simple message here and I will get flamed for it.  Here goes:

Much like my January blog post stated, the world isn't going to end anytime soon.  

There is a simple reason for that, we already know that it is going to end, therefore, it won't. 

Pretty simple really.

But, I understand that folks, and Fools, never are quite sure, especially when so many people are beating the drums for the apocolypse- and making money doing it, like hucksters do.

That's not to say that there aren't a lot of risks.  There are.  And we sure have a propensity for screwing up, so being careful is even more important today because we are not going to see a rising tide lifting all boats.  You have to be a stock picker.

So, I am not one who believes we are going to see straight up in the markets or economy, or that we are about to fall off the cliff.  I think we are in a wide range.  As with any range, there are opportunities from time to time.  The biggest opportunities as a group from my analysis are in companies that bring necesseities to market like oil, food, water, natural gas, medicine...

On the Fool Blog network you will see me writing a lot about those sorts of companies the rest of the year.  One of the other things I've done a lot the past year is primary research on companies involved with unconvential oil and gas drilling.  I've been to the Williston twice now and will be going back soon.

Monday probably will be the first 800 word piece on Oasis Petroleum.  If you think oil is still pretty important like I do, check it out.  

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