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September 16, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , AUY , SLV

I do not consent to anything the IMF and the new world society want. Timmy G said our banks will not fail. HA!!!! Lier Lier Pants on fire. Is Tarp still being used at the FED"S discretion? Physical silver because paper silver is worthless? I don't know but................ here it is.

Then from last year so now we are here and you really must listen and protect your family. I am so screwed at this point but you have the power and resources to take care of yourselves and loved ones.From 12/15/10 





Oh and thank you so much my Progressive Gov. Perry.


Now for my wo wo side. I still believe it will be the tower of London or Big Ben that will be taken out next. Why you ask? An old ytube from 97 towers first and then Big Ben. I digress. Oh so anyway Have you noticed how many of our CFR News Stations ya know like Fox and CNN and that other one all have the new Brits with us now for awhile. Yep it is interesting this year to say the least. Only 99 more days till Christmas. I do believe I will go with the physical silver. Don't trust paper these days.  Or maybe it will be aTsunami that hits NYC ok Giggling ok so I did go far out on those two. I just wanted to give you fact and figure bad boys an eye roll. I do like you. 

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