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I dream of NTE with the light brown hair



April 23, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: NTP

No, seriously. I had a dream last night that Nam Tai Electronics (NTE) was being acquired for about $5.50 per share. (The way my mind works, it is relatively uninteresting who is doing the acquiring, so my dream didn't include that part.) This has almost no predictive value (as noted in a previous post about a dream I had about NTE). In fact, it was after that that I dreamed I was watching one of my best friends play a video game that seemed like a combination of RPG, turn based-strategy, and the music (if you can call it that) of The Lonely Island (parental advisory: a lot of TLI lyrics are inappropriate for children, prudes, or pretty much anybody else for that matter). I was eating a pizza, I started kibitzing, and he said "Something wrong with your pizza?" I replied with "Shut up!" And he said "That's what I'm saying." That's just to say that in my dreams, everyone else gets the best lines. I must be a very genuinely selfless, generous guy, because it's my brain coming up with this stuff, and just giving it away to my friends while sticking me with "Shut up!"

So predictive power of my dreams: 0. But what if another company started buying shares of NTE on the market right now, and made an offer to buy it out completely? If the offer was refused, they could sell their shares for a profit anyway. If the offer was accepted, they would have been buying dollars for 75c each. Why don't bigger companies do this? 


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