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I Get a Shout Out!



August 21, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BAP

My mom is very proud today. Why you ask? Well, because don't look now, but I think I'm among this elite group. That's right...the "certain higher-traffic bloggers and financial commentators who were plug-dumb enough to buy into the "economic miracle" bunkum and lies spread by Peru's government and central bank lackeys" or one of the "dumb***** in suits who fell for this crap for month after month up in gringoworld started seeing reason" and also maybe specifically " 1) too stupid to work it out for themselves or 2) too lazy to bother checking the figures themselves before spreading the BS on. Yeah, that means you, "T"**."

Could I be "T**"?

Well, on second thought, alas maybe not. After a review of the facts, this blog ain't that high traffic (seriously, you should see the numbers) and we actually keep a pretty casual dress code here at the office (heck, one can't skateboard to the office in a suit). And what's my involvement with the Peruvian hype machine? I recommended Credicorp (BAP) in Global Gains a few months back...a pretty well run Peruvian bank that actually put up pretty decent numbers last quarter. Is it getting a little ahead of a great price now? Yeah, but I still think it's solid.

Anyway, all kidding aside, the provocatauthor over at the link actually puts up some interesting numbers and views if you can get past the foul language and mischaracterizations of perceived enemies. But that's cuz he's keepin' it legit. Holla back, Otto kid. 

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