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I HATE Google With a PASSION! Go Yahoo!!! Dump Carl Ichan!



June 10, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: YHOO , GOOGL

I HATE Google With a PASSION!  GO Yahoo!!!  Dump Carl Ichan!

Carl Ichan has no business mucking around with Yahoo and he has not the slightest clue how to get Yahoo to be a successful growing company.

Look.. The Situation with Yahoo was never as bleak as Shareholders have made it out to be.

Yahoo's Search Engine has just been recently shown to have increased the number of hits by 3%, cutting into GOOGLE's market share!    From 17% a short time ago to 20%.

This was in large part to 2 things:

1)  Yahoo spent money marketing their search engine on Radio.

2)  I spent the entire month of MAY racking up as many hits and telling people to use Yahoo as I could on as many different IP Addresses as I could.

Work PC:  YAHOO!
Library PC:  YAHOO!
Home PC:  Yahoo!
My Parents PCs:  YAHOO!

You name it.... I grabbed it and searched for something on Yahoo Search Engine.  My vigorous Yahoo Searching is only growing in size this month from last month.

Am I FOOL????? Not really....  Yahoo's Search Engine is far superior to Googles.

Sure, there are some occasional times where Google finds what I need better.  But, there are times were the reverse is true as well... And in the meantime I love how Yahoo's Search engine helps fill in the keywords or find the name of the company you are trying to come up with as you type a few letters.

There's something amazing with Yahoo's Search Engine that smacks of future innovation and possibility.

I'd like to see Yahoo expand on their innovative Search Engine concept of finding the most common selections you made based on the letters you type for Yahoo's Shopping site.

I think Yahoo's Shopping Site needs a massive overhaul and I think it needs a massive marketing campaign similar to the Search Engine.

I go into details on Yahoo Shopping Site tomorrow... But... Come on!   I feel in my gut. CARL ICAHN is not the answer Yahoo needs right now.

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