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I just Love the New World Order........ Not



April 07, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , POT , MON

My Hat is off to abitarecatania,SpecBear,TDRH,AirForceFool, and many others. Just some new thoughts.
Thank you ABA for my new falling tower of thinking and shaking of my foundations.I loved your gold post.  So..... Let me get this straight. The United States of England formally America is not bankrupt because we still have money right? Now this money is backed by gold and silver right? No; air you keep telling me. So........ As long as other people believe that my $100.00 dollar bill is not really made of air I am o.kIs that what we are telling each other now? abitarecatania, this is due to your gold blog. Gas is still 25 cents and milk is about .45 cents. That means that my $10.50 hr is really 90 cents an hour? I've come a long way baby. So when is the march on Washington ? Shush........... Don't let anyone know about this because I want to use my $100.00  to buy some gold rings first before people realize the illusion about my $100.00 bill. After all it is just thin air. God; this sure hurts my head and to think this all started when I thought it would be a good idea for me to learn about what to do with my 401k plan. It is still a 401k plan right Aba?  What I  mean is that is not an Illusion is it?  Other that the fact that it is also just made up of just thin air?  Rock on folks Rock on.  [more] TDRH reminded me about checks and then I remembered about atm cards and the all time favorite CREDIT CARDS.

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