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I Lost "Over 9,000" Caps Points This Morning.



August 30, 2013 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: TVIX , TVIZ , VIIX

...well, maybe not that many points.  But you get the idea, and hopefully the reference. :) (#hyperbole)  I was rather shocked when I pulled up my CAPS page this morning and saw that I have incurred a 2,300+ point loss today.  Then, I quickly remembered that those type of losses typically only happen when the doomed to fail reverse ETFs I always like to short do a reverse stock split.  Sure enough, I've lost 1,200+ points on TVIX, 800+ points on VIIX, and 300+ points on TVIZ, so I'm assuming all three of those (and potentially others) have enacted reverse splits.  Assumptions may be wrong, but based on the evidence I've seen that appears to be the case.

The only way those junk ETFs would rocket up so much is if the market was completely crashing (read: ~2-3k point loss on the DJIA and losses in the hundreds of points for the S&P 500).  There doesn't seem to be a market apocalypse on Wall Street last time I checked, and the ETFs are only making pennies in gains due to a small ~40 point loss so far on the Dow.  Also, other players who short those ETFs like bbmaven are also incurring massive losses, which indicates to me that volatility indices are enacting reverse splits.

Therefore, if you are like me and have the same situation happening to you, DON'T PANIC.  Our friends over at the Motley Fool will adjust it soon, and you will get back ALL of your lost CAPS points, or at least most of them.  :)

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#1) On August 30, 2013 at 4:36 PM, RRobertsmith (56.19) wrote:

The Motley Fool WILL NOT ADJUST... they are after all worse loss is still not "adjusted" due to a reverse split...

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#2) On August 30, 2013 at 5:06 PM, EvanBuck (99.93) wrote:

Turns out I was correct.  VIIX, TVIX, and TVIZ all split 1:10 today.

@RRobertsmith TMF staff always adjusts for splits.  The full effects of the adjustment don't happen until one business day afterwards.  Thus, on Monday you will get your points back, or at least most of them.  Don't worry about it. :)


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#3) On August 30, 2013 at 8:32 PM, EvanBuck (99.93) wrote:

Update: Looks like the update actually kicked in today. :)

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#4) On March 17, 2017 at 10:46 AM, TheNatureBoy4 (75.99) wrote:

Happened again, hope they reset the points. I've been waiting for weeks on INPX. Sent messages, reported bugs, doesn't help. Been 2.5 weeks. Lost 8-900 points between this one and INPX.

Apparently CAPS isn't important to The Motley Fool anymore. They've done no updates to the CAPS game in the last few years that I can remember. Also when you are on a mobile device and type in a ticker, it no longer even goes to CAPS. The only way I can get to CAPS tickers now is to type the name in on a computer and then hit escape so I don't get routed to their crappy page on which is also buggy.

They'd rather spend all their time spamming me with countless new services that I could never afford instead of working on the CAPS game or their website in general.

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