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I May Not Be a Rising Star, But ...



November 05, 2010 – Comments (1)

I just noted via a weekly TMF email that the company is doing an interesting thing with the 'graduates' of its training program.

Introducing Rising Stars

This has previously taken place behind the scenes, but today, we're drawing back the curtain with our Rising Stars feature. We're giving some of our most promising analysts real money to invest however they want for the world to see. We'll start each of their portfolios off with $5,000 and add $1,000 each month. 

Cool beans.  I really like this idea, so kudos to TMF for doing this.  I note a few I'm interested in following.

I am not a 'Rising Star' and have not been through the TMF training program.   What I am is a freelance home contributor with a little insight into the healthcare / biotech realm who adds opinion (and hopefully some of that insight) to a few of the newsletter recommendations, as well as babble about investing in general.  Back in 2006 or so, when CAPS came out and I was doing occasional freelance article writing, I wanted to see if I truly did have a clue about what I wrote.  So I decided my CAPS port would be all healthcare sector, and originally I would make a call on anything I wrote about and expressed an opinion on. [Aside: I consider this a biotech port, but realize that jibes with what others think of when they say biotech].  The CAPS port started well, tanked, then recovered and has done pretty respectively (back pat) for awhile now.  I didn't continue to write publicly (3rd child adjusted time commitments), but kept the CAPS port going, as I still wanted to know whether I really could make decent calls on the sector.  I don't give the CAPS enough attention of late though.

But the success here in CAPS, and continued interest the sector, has had me increasingly buying within the sector for my real ports.  For the past few months, once I said goodbye to Green Mountain Coffee, my Roth (~40K) has been entirely healthcare.  With the turn of the year, I'll list and track the port and hopefully discuss it here in the blog (not regularly though, Fool disclosure rules make that awkward and restrictive).  Before then, I'll try to talk about sectors within the healthcare sector, as I clearly have favorites, and how I think other healthcare funds are shaped.

Should be fun, and as with all this TMF and CAPS stuff, the goal is mostly selfish.  I've found that to talk (write) out loud helps clarify my thinking and serve as a record of that thinking. CAPS may be designed as a analyst game of sors, but it has some great stock notebooking features.

So while I am not a real rising star, I'm content to be a poser and hopefully flicker a little.


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#1) On November 05, 2010 at 3:06 PM, lemoneater (57.86) wrote:

We will be watching for a softly glowing double helix. It's even better than the talking paperclip :).

I appreciate any information on healthcare that I can get. It's a challenge for the less informed to separate quack stocks from legitimate in biotech.

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