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I only know tech...So my opinions on anything else are worthless!



April 18, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BMC.DL

My knowledge is strictly in TECH.   That doesn't mean I invest in TECH only.  I keep a diversified portfolio.  But..whatever.. Let's get to the good stuff about TECH stocks I own and TECH stocks I wish I owned.  First the "I wish I owned" section



Crap.. that's just *obvious*  How about some *obscure* TECH that did well this week and an anaylsis as to why?


Boy This stock skyrockted up......1 penny!!!!  wow!

Actually.... This stock just got HOT  April 17th when it announced opening an office in New York City to push their technology to the U.S. Government.  This technology is RFID, Micromem's MRAM and sensor technology..... It's Semiconductor technology.  I studied this and it's has a great future.  There's no reason to avoid this stock.  Buy in now while it is still cheap.   It won't hurt you and it could be a boon when the company really starts landing Contracts with Businesses and with the Federal Government and with the Military and etc.

Up $1.40 Cents on Acquisition news of Bladelogic!

Why care about this company that implements IT management solutions for businesses?
Because BladeLogic gives this company one of the best Data Center Automation Solutions (yippe). What the heck is that garbage?

Well.. It's nothing special....  But.. what is special is BMC Software expanding its growth to evolve into a conglomerate company that dominates the Business Management / Business IT Service industry.  There's tons of growth in that industry.

But.... The greatest thing about BMC Software is that their chart is an excellent example of a "CHANNEL" Stock opportunity.  Lots of Ups and Downs in Big Waves to buy low, sell high, over and over.

BMC could evolve into something special and investors took notice big time today.  I expect this is now a turning point for new highs for BMC Software's stock price in the month of MAY.

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