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I think I understand why many Obama supporters are unhappy with his debate performance and why this race will be much closer than most would like it.



October 23, 2012 – Comments (2)

Okay  I'll admit  I didn't  see  the entire debate as  it  happened live,  I  got home late  to only  catch  the ending  and  I  had  other distractions  like  Obama's  bears  beating  the lions  in football,  luckily  I  didn't spend much time  watching  that  game either ~  only  wasted minutes out of my life.

But  when  I  scanned  the channels  and  watched  the replay  and  how certain news media  brought  their  bias into  showing  only  certain clips of it and than stopping so their  people could bash  and  attack  a  certain candidate  was  rather  disturbing if not the new normal.

Surprisingly when I watched  fox  news  they actually were much more balanced  and  fair compared  to the trash  I  witnessed  on msnbc ~  omg  who is in charge of running that ?

I  was  impressed  with  Fox  news  actually  speaking with  the Obama caimpaign persons  in a respectable  and  fair  way,  I  witnessed that  Greta  lady  speaking with some other important woman of the Obama  caimpaign  and  unlike  msnbc,  it  was  a  fair  and  respectable  discussion of  issues  and  the election.

When  I  watched  cnbc,  I  saw  that  they were also fair  and  had  people  from  the democratic  party on  to  support  the Potus  and  cheer  for  their side.  Also  despite  what  I've  heard  of  some claiming  they  only  support  the  conservative side,   they  called  it  how they saw it and even were rather critical  of  Romney  ~  some  suggesting that maybe  he wasn't  political enough  and   didn't  go  for  the  kill.

When I  watched  msnbc  it  was  like  a  competition among various   democrat  lovers  who  fought  among  themselves  as  to who could bash  Romney's  performance  and character better.   Msnbc   was   extremely  disapointing  and pathetic  and  based  upon  internal  fears  that  Romney  actually  seems  like  the more presidential  and better suited candidate  it's not  as surprising and maybe  I shouldn't  be  so shocked  and disapointed, but I have to call it like I see it.

According to the facts,  during  all  three  presidential  debates  and  I believe  the  vice pres debate  as  well  but  don't sue me if  I'm wrong on  that one...     the  incumbent party ~  Potus party  had  more speaking time  in  all   the debates,  if  I remember correctly  Obama  had  at least  one  more minute  if not more  time  than  what  Romney had during the last debate.

Yet  from my good friend  A WAll  LE   and  many  others ~  the perception constantly  was  that  somehow  Romney  controlled  the time  and spoke  more and more poignant,  that somehow  he made Obama  shut  down  and  won most of the talking points.

Based upon what I'm reading  and feeling  you would  have  thought  that  some how  they gave  Romney  twice  as  much speaking  time ?

Based upon  the Democratic  own  criticism  and  talking points from many  so called top DEms like  Gore ?  Grandholm ?   Obama   was  killed  in  the first  and  most important  debate !  that he  was  more aggressive  and  won the second debate by  attacking and acting like  a real politician  in the second debate  by  using  the  woman moderator  to  refute  the  truth about what he really said concerning  the  attacks  in  Libya.   Finally  in  the  third  and final debate,  Obama  got  off  his  unpresidential like  cheap  shots  suggesting  that maybe  Romney  was  unaware  we  have  boats  that  go under water  without  sailors  having to hold their breathe  and  that  the bayonet  is  less  in demand ?  although  from my understanding  still  an effective killing weapon ?  still used by marines.

It's not surprising  that many  get the impression that somehow  Romney  is  way more closer and actually  has  a  good shot  at  ensuring  the  Obama  becomes  another  Jimmy  Carter an one  timer.

Attacking  your opponent   and  down playing  what  you have accomplished during  your first term  is not perhaps  the best  strategy   and    I   like   what  Romney  said  about  Obama  not being  able  to kill his way  out  of  his  lack  of actually  having  an effective  foreign  policy if he even  has  one  thats not about  apologizing about anything and everything.

Attacking  Romney is not  a  foreign policy ?  what  was  the Potus  thinking ?  it's  no wonder many  got the  impression  that somehow  Romney actually killed  the Potus  in  the third debate and that somehow  got  him  to shut  up and just listen  as  he  used up all the time,  when  in reality  Obama  had  more time but as always  spoke  fewer  and  less effective words,  unless  you consider cheap shots  and  you are a liar  ~  flat out saying  that  if  the other candidate  said  the  sky  is actually  a  blue like color  completely  lying  as  any  democrat  knows  its whatever color  the Potus  says  it is....  lol...

I  could be  wrong,  but  to re-elect  the Potus   his biggest  caimpaign pledge  is  he will keep  the other guy out  ?   he  will   increase  taxes ?   he  will borrow & spend  more money  to prop and  hire  more  teachers ?

Haven't  we  already  done  this  during  his first term  ?  didn't  we borrow and spend close to an extra  trillion dollars  that was suppose to  heal  the economy, reduce unemployment to 5.4%,  and  support jobs  for everyone ?

Instead  what  did we get ?  a  more divided country  with class war-fare.   Temporary  boosts  in  selective jobs  such as  education  that  simply  drove up costs  for  students  all the while  squandering assets  that   have  reduced  the number of potential jobs available to them when they graduate.

Ask  yourself  this...  how is it that  Biden was  able to play college football ?  how was it that he was healthy  enough  and  vigorous enough,  yet  when it came to him being  selected and chosen  to  head  to vietnaum  ?   he  suddenly  had  medical problems  that  didn't allow him to go ?  A   draft dodging scum bag  politician  who seems more healthy  than  his much younger Potus.

I guess  the  truth  doesn't matter.

Vote who you believe  will  lead as  how  you see it.

The choice seems  clear,  but  will it even matter ?



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#1) On October 23, 2012 at 12:03 PM, edwjm (99.89) wrote:

"Based upon what I'm reading and feeling you would have thought that some how they gave Romney twice as much speaking time ? "

Does anyone know if Romney really did get more speaking time?  How much more?

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#2) On October 23, 2012 at 12:24 PM, L0RDZ (88.15) wrote:

Edward  according  to statistics  from the people who ran  the debate...  like  I  said  originally  Obama's  time  was  well  over a  minute longer  than  Romney's time given in  the third presidential debate  also  FYI   he  was given more time during the first as well as second debate.

It's funny though, because  despite  me telling you that ?  you still  ask  did  Romney get more time ?  how much more ?

The reason  you are asking ?  because while  Romney used less time,  he spoke far more words according the the counters and as such  the impression many  have  is  that somehow  he  had  more  time.

Bottom line,  Obama  is not a good debater, especially when the facts  aren't  his best friends,  look at  the criticism  of  his  first  run where  the  comics  were  satiring  his  debate  vs  Clinton.

Where they comically suggested  extreme bias,  offering  soft questions to Obama  while  slamming  Clinton.

What was Clinton's biggest  sting  vs  Obama ?  That  she had  real world  experience  being  married  to Bill  and  a part of his success,  while  her opponent  the  now  POTUS  only  had  making speeches  to his  acclaim.

Funny how comics sometimes  get things  or simply can make funny of  the lack of  fairness and  equality.

Bottom line...   Romney did not get more speaking time... not in the third debate...  not in the second debate...  nor did Romney  have more speaking time in the first debate  the one in which  Romney absolutely  flat out beat  Obama  as if he was his  red haired  step  son  who  is  constantly  requiring punishing discipline to keep him  from getting out of hand.



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