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I want my Duesenberg.



May 02, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GM , F , CAKE

In the Great Depression of the 1930's we lost a great American brand; Duesenberg. I want to see the named revived. Am I the person to do it? Well, no. But there must be someone or a group of people out there that have what it takes to do so.

We have a number of small coach builders in the states that put out very good cars, so I know this can be done. I can not imagine a better time to launch such an endeavour than now. Costs for raw materials are down. There is a large labor pool of tradespeople in need of employment that might be able to take a position for less than would have been considered just two years ago, and so on. But what about getting an idea like this off the groud with credit being as tight as it currently is? I say stuff the banks! Get the funding privately. One could possibly have the first car roll out of the factory at the same time the economy rebounds.

I admit to being a car nut. I would rather go to a car show than do most anything else outside of the house. It kills me that our "big three" have let the government, unions and their own stupidity get them into the position they are today. I want an American car company I can believe in, invest in and drive with pride. My three wants have not existed together since the same year I was born. That is pitiful. That is shameful. I want my Duesenberg.



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