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I WANT Oil NOT to drop much more



October 08, 2008 – Comments (0)

Yeah you read right ;p  As a consumer I suppose $10 oil would own.  But I am realistic enough to know that we have just so much of the stuff and it is only getting harder and harder to find.  But one thing I am a true believer in is alternate energy.  I WANT to get us off of Foreign oil.  I am sick of the Middle East.  I am tired of seeing our dollars going there and then having them buy up everything here with those dollars.  I'm not getting fooled by that "oil is dropping because of recessionary fears" garbage.  Yeah maybe in the short run.  But we know damn well that over the decades supply will only get tighter and tighter.

If oil drops too low there will be no incentive to go alternative.  I want to encourage these alternatives.  While I always felt FSLR was over priced (and I don't like the cadmium they use), I still want to see solar technology expanded.  Same with wind.  I do want more hybrid cars.  I really do wish we would just "manhattan project" nat gas/coal to fuel for cars and planes and screw oil.  We apparently have tons of that stuff here.  It would create a tremendous amount of jobs in this country too.

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