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I'm an All Star.... I got my Game On...



April 09, 2009 – Comments (2)

SHORT the Banks!!!   Earthquake!!!   err wait the Financials are rallying aren't they?  Anyone got any Tissues for Michael Mayo, Meredith Whitney, George "I HATE America's Free Market" Soros?

Funny how "THE RICH" like George Soros can trash America's economy.... Talk down our Banks...Exert absolute defeatism....And represent the same ideology as the President of the United States....and Wall Street doesn't listen to this guy except to laugh....

He says the Banks are screwed?   That means BUY MORE SHARES of your Favorite BANK!!!

I have over 1,000 CAPS points and have crawled into the 80% range.  I believe at 80% you become an official All Star... And I don't just TALK crap.... When I say something is a buy..darn it... It's a buy.

What did I tell people to purchase back since January of 2009? 

1) RHI                Robert Half is HUGE... .Awesome Gains off this

2) SNHY            Perfect Automotive Rebound Play with International Exposure.

3) BA                 Boeing has been reporting some Year over Year Airplane Sale Increases!

4) HOTT              Hot Topic is just continuously a Hot Stock

5) WHR              What can I say?  They are the best in the Consumer Cyclical Sector.

6) TCB               My Favorite Bank that still pays a solid dividend and has the best Savings Account rate in Michigan.

I made one heck of a good call after another based on my Thesis that we'd see increased Consumer Spending and Confidence, and rebounds in the economy.  I saw the January positives and extrapolated them out to the end of this year and next.

There is no reason to be a seller in this market.  At least, not until Q4 2010 where we will have CAP and TRADE and TAX HIKES and other creepy, crawly things to worry about.

Until Q4 2010.... HOLD your shares.... Buy on Dips.....  Trade specialty stocks if you wish for instant profit to dump into your savings accounts.

Last year when I was an All Star I said:  "DO NOT TRUST ME"

This year with more than a year of experience?  Surviving the worst of the Bear Market?

I'm an All Star and I am proud to say that my recommendations should carry some solid weight.

Disclosure:  I own shares of WHR, BAC

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#1) On April 09, 2009 at 1:28 PM, GNUBEE (< 20) wrote:

I'll save a seat for you in white to no color beanie land.

You need an actual recovery for your thesis to hold water. ( I too was an allstar with low 90's rating last year)

See you soon, I wish you luck though because it means its better for all of us.

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#2) On April 09, 2009 at 1:51 PM, mpapile (29.28) wrote:

How modest.   The banks are still screwed, and sweeping stuff under the rug with borrowing money from china to prop them up and allowing them to eliminate mark to market.  I am glad the market recovered a bit, but now it is time for the second prong of this crisis.  Sure banking may be propped up for now, but the real problem is that unemployment is skyrocketing, and real estate is going nowhere.  I think our risk of a total meltdown may have been averted, but it is looking like we will have to pay the price with a decently long decline.

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