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February 27, 2017 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: AMD , INTC , NVDA

On Febuary 22, 2017 I had computer trouble where the PC tower lost power and wouldn't turn on. My brother tried unplugging and replugging everything and the same symptoms are present. He tried doing the same things on a different power outlet and the symptoms are present.

My brother recommended we go to NCIX US / NCIX - Official Site to look at it. As we arrived at a branch location and explained to the counter technician person of the symptoms. The technician plugged in power to the PC tower and lo and behold there was power and just about to thank the technician for his time he pulled out a tester and plugged the motherboard connector from the PSU. The technicain performed a load test said the power supply unit is transferring low power and assumed a power surge is the culprit. The technician recommended to us to get a new power supply unit which I agreed to as we were about to pay $119.99 plus taxes for the power supply unit he told us there's extra $60.00 for installing it (I'm not sure if they mean't $60.00/hour). We took the adventurous route of doing it ourselves.

When we arrive home to open the box we saw the power supply unit with all these neatly twist tied cables, wires, and adapters to fit nicely in package. As we unravelled everything we regretted in declining paying extra for technician installation. As my brother opened the PC case it was a nightmare seeing all the wiring and zap straps we agreed that what ever we unplugged from old power supply unit we plug the same from from the new supply unit. What was diificult was we had to unplug two graphics cards, wi-fi card, and cut alot of zap straps just to disconnect old power supply unit connection to new power supply unit connection. After spending nearly half the day tinkering we had power going through the PC tower but had no image going to monitor. We decided to call our brother-in-law to check the installation. Our brother brother-in-law looked at it and made a few adjustments. After hooking up everything to his peripheral devices once again lo and behold it works (minus the audio sound card which might be fried or not connected).   

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#1) On February 27, 2017 at 7:16 PM, Melaschasm (< 20) wrote:

I have built and repaired computers in the past, and come to the conclusion it is better to pay a professional you can trust.

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