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If I were trapped on an island for 5 years I would buy these 10 stocks before I Left..



May 05, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: BHP , POT , SLW


In No Particular Order: 

1) BHP- Big, Heavy and Powerful- Thats whats BHP has becomes. Aside from the base metals, they will begin selling large amounts of Uranium to China as per their large contract. They have also decided to enter the potash arena. So Base Metals, Energy(Uranium), Precious metals, Potash.. wow..

2) PHillip Morris Int'l- This is as safe a consumer staple as you can get. There is plenty of price appreciation potential especially  if you use DRIP. Their business is just as intact as it was before the crash. I don't smoke.. but I want everyone else to

3) RJI- This is a replication of the Jim Rogers Index. Two weeks ago, I would have preferred something else, but when Jim said he was buying RJI, how can you go wrong?

4) Silver Wheaton- Ths Silver Royalty Company has brough a dyanmic model to the industry. Their royalties are subject to a 1-2% inflation adjustment to their purchase price, so unlike the miners which will will expirience substancial input costs if they did not hedge oil. Silver has a huge supply demand disconnect, as it is mostly mined along with base metals. New industrial uses especially in batteries should provide as an additional catalyst to the historical inflation hedge.

5) Royal Gold- Much Like the Silver wheatons twin except in Gold. All the attributes in terms of purchase price etc are similiar to the former. As the fiat money systen comes near or past the threshold of collapse in the U.K and U.S.A, gold will be in high demand. 2008 showed another decrease in mined gold making this case even more bullish. China and others are recongnizing the error of having a currency backed by nothing and have responded by making gold purchases to at least 10% of reserves a rather important matter.

6) CEO- China national offshore oilfields has been a favorite of mine for a while. They still have a nice stake in chinaBluem (ag-product) company as well as a great company.

7) ABB Grain- Sorry People, this only trades in AUS and pink sheets. Following the breakup of Australias monopoly for wheat, ABB grabbed a 54-58% market share for pooling. They are effected by the price of wheat, which I think will soar in the future. The Production-Consimpution Gap has been narrowing for nearly a decade.

8) Potash- Yes this beast was trading an a ridiculous discount not to long ago, and is still a great value play.

9) PWE- Pennwest- A great Company trading at a huge discount as it was unfairly hit by the market when canada announced their trust status was no long a huge tax shield.

10) I gotta have a gold or Silver Miner- Any of these agnico, yamana, silver standard. 


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