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If Rep. John Conyers votes NO....Varchild votes YES for him in Nov.



March 21, 2010 – Comments (0)

Representative John Conyers has received plenty of e-mails, online forms, and phone calls and ect. from me on my opposition to the Health Care bill.

What people may not realize is that the very surgeon that operated on my dad's cancer has said the Life Saving Robotic Arm he used would go away due to a number of things (10% tax on medical devices) in the Health Care Bill, if it passes.   He also said many other medical devices could be in jeopardy and that this is what the Hospital told him and what he himself believes having studied the bill.

So a "yes" vote could result in the deaths of future cancer patients that can not get access to the Robotic Arm.

It's about the ROBOTIC ARM...... it's about LIFE SAVINGS MEDICAL DEVICES.......Conyers!

You can't make this stuff up cause I'd be the most vile human being on the planet if I was lying....err I guess that would make me President of the United States when I turn 35 or so.

But seriously..... I am so against the Health Care Bill.... that if Rep. John Conyers votes against the bill I will vote in FAVOR of Rep. John Conyers and probably tell many many many others to vote him back in office.

It's that important to me that this bill not pass.

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