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alstry (< 20)

If You Are Not Scared, You Should Be Terrified!



June 08, 2010 – Comments (4)

Once money stops being a derivative of human breaks its moral purpose.  Once citizens allow its government to create money absent the citizens productivity/tax recepits, soon the citizens become essentially slaves of the government so long as money is the exchange medium.

When governments can simply create money out of thin air....government has total control over you, whether you know it or not.  There is essentially NO DIFFERENCE between the behavior of a counterfeiter who can steal others productivity/life with fake money and politicians who can steal your life/productivity with the money created absent any tax receipts/citizen productivity....especially when government can create unlimited amounts of money not tied to productivity.

No truer words were ever uttered when said that once the citizens of a nation give up liberty for perception of security, soon those citizens will neither have liberty nor security....and we are just about there......

On 9/09 we knew that government no longer needed the citizens tax receipts to function when the FDIC, Pension Guaranty and Fannie Mae were broke but they continued to function and government workers continued to get paychecks while millions of Americans lost their homes, livlihoods and essentially their freedom.

Now, the only reason ANY American has any perception of wealth is because government is spending massive amounts of money absent of its citizens production.  It is that spending which is driving our economy.  WalMart would be a fraction of its current footprint, and so would every pharmacy and grocery store in America, plus most other businesses if 50,000,000 Americans didn't receive medicare/aid and 40,000,000 didn't receive Food Stamps.....not to mention over 20,000,000 government workers and approaching 20,000,000 unemployment recipients.

Americans are now effectivly slaves of government and bankers who finance government.....if government does not borrow and spend massively, despite the fact that we are producing less and less, we are ALL broke...

However, more are waking up to the fact that the citizens have become slaves to a government who simply picks and chooses who gets money/freedom and who doesn't often absent any tie to production.....this is a very dangerous period in any nations progress. 

A similar thing happened prior to the demise of the Roman Empire when it started mixing other metals with its gold and silver coins to keep the illusion of promises to its citizens.  Once the citizens found out, it was the end  of the end of the largest empire in human history.

It is interesting logic...the rich are rich because the poor/politicians spend........and the poor spend not because they work, but because they get free money from government which no longer requires the tax receipts/productivity of its citizens to function.  If no one works, there is no economy and no human existence was we know it.

Pretty soon, as this Ponzi like process enters the the consiousness of the people and the citzens react, government may say we need everything the rich have to keep the system going so the rich can remain rich.....but if everything you have is taken, you are no longer rich and someone else is rich....the one who took everything you have.

Yes my sheep....when we allowed government to operate absent any correlation to our production/tax receipts.....we essentially enslaved ourselves and our families by our collective apathy. 

So learn from your president who bows before foreign leaders(which by the way I have no problem with in most cases).....every time you see your politicians in person or on TV, you should are their slaves and now work for them.  Your life, perception of liberty, and pursuit of happiness depends on it......

Unless we try to go out and fight others so we can steal or destroy their productivity/money........

Unfortunately the choice is no longer ours on which direction we go......we are simply slaves as Alstrymous guides you into the Digital will be exciting.




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#1) On June 08, 2010 at 1:22 PM, finabuddy (80.98) wrote:

"On 9/09 we knew that government no longer needed the citizens tax receipts to function when the FDIC, Pension Guaranty and Fannie Mae were broke but they continued to function and government workers continued to get paychecks while millions of Americans lost their homes, livlihoods and essentially their freedom."


This was the 9.09 deal?

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#2) On June 08, 2010 at 2:45 PM, TDRH (96.87) wrote:


      Are you ready to turn your score back on and show your picks?

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#3) On June 08, 2010 at 3:53 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

As soon as integrity returns to the game and we start marking assets to market and not myth.  There is no virtue in bragging who is better at picking red or black.

Plus it takes the fun away from someone who takes pride in analyzing businesses.

Between 1998 and 2000 I used to go around saying the dot.coms were essentially worthlss.....during that time my advice was worthless for those that liked gambling.

I made great money between 2001 and 2002 buying dot.coms for less than cash in the bank and watching them get bought out or shut down and/or cash distributed to shareholders.

This morning.....I had a conversation with a analyst/manager who oversees a billion dollar family trust....for the first time, I think he is beginning to see the ice.....

When the rich are dependent on the non productive spending trillions they don't earn......and the rich can't generate enough production to support such soon as government is forced to cut have a very serious problem.....

you can either reward production with money or you can compel it by force....but if humans don't produce....humanity will die.....

right now production is getting so low that we may have to force it...this is the point where money and stocks  have little value.

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#4) On June 08, 2010 at 3:56 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


YES...when government no longer needs to production of its citizens to is not too far a leap to understand that the citizens become a liabilty to government.

Let's leave it at that for still so many can't figure out the importance of a government by the people for the people.....something our founding fathers had a profound understanding and appreciation.

I have little doubt that these words will ring loud very soon.

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