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If you can't smoke it or eat it...SELL IT



February 07, 2011 – Comments (0)

As Benny The B keeps printing money...we keep importing stuff.....unlike Japan, we run a massive the more we print, the more we import....and the more we import....the more dollars we export around the world....

As our dollars flood around the world...the first place they go is to oil and commodities....which drives up the prices of oil and commodities for EVERYONE in the world.....

The beauty is only a very small percentage of the American economy benefits from rising food and fuel no population gets as relatively hurt by rising food and fuel prices as America.

So as food and fuel prices keep rising as a result of Benny The Bs Zombulation policies....there will be less and less money for everything else.....ESPECIALLY HOUSING which is a dicretionary expense......

The crazy part is as more money goes to food and quality in everything else will decline driving up interest rates....making housing even more expensive driving prices down further....

Welcome to the Global Economy my Fools....welcome to the


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