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If you want to add to your (SID) Steel Stock Shares . . .



June 04, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SID

In a comment several articles ago I wrote to someone that they should set up a $45 Entry Point into SID.   SID is now selling off BIG TIME and tomorrow or Friday could be the opportunity to get that wonderful $45 entry point.

I would set up your price around $45.50 - 45.99.    

Don't worry about the rumors and innuendo concerning the Namisa Sale or Namisa Spin-off or some Steel Company from India wanting to buy SID's NAMISA.. or whatever....

Given the good dividend payments with this company.... and the great future it has.....It makes no sense to get scared.   Get GREEDY!
SID at $45.99 or less is an absolute Bargain from it's 52 week high!

Q:  Why is SID Selling off?

A:  How in the heck do I know? I'm not a mind reader.  I guess SID does have some debt though that it has to pay down still.  Maybe that and the rumor mill that's churning are just making investors nervous.  The currency market might be influencing the stock price as well.  Who knows.

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