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If Your Income Can't Buy A Loaf Of Bread-Why Work?



February 11, 2011 – Comments (0)

Most of you Fools can't understand this concept.....but soon you will as throwing money at a structural problem only drives the money to essentials....namely food and fuel.

And as food and fuel prices go up....there is less money for ALL other areas of the economy resulting in massive job losses....especially in an economy like America's where very few work or benefit from rising food and fuel prices.

Combine structural changes with Zombulation policies and we are certain to see many more announcement of large job cuts like the ones from Nokia and Goodyear today.  More job cuts will result in more distress.....

How easy do you think it was for me to see what would happen...and why the pursuit of money in a world where all money comes from the Credit Cow is essentially meaningless...unless we restore the legal integrity of money.

Welcome to the


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