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Ignored Stocks that Shouldn't Be Portfolio



August 17, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MSO.DL , FDP

This is my Ignored Stocks that Shouldn't Be Portfolio:


1) CAAS)  Recently reports record breaking earnings and stock price sells off.  I don't see how this isn't a STRONG BUY if it sells off any further.  China Automotive Parts play with this one and it gets a lift for selling its parts to General Motors as well as Chinese Automakers.


2) STEEL SECTOR)   I am extremely bullish on a large number of stocks in the steel sector for tons of reasons.  Mostly because lots of steel companies are diversifying themselves away from just being a pure steel play.  Some are expanding their capacity to sell cement, some are divesting themselves, some are expanding into the recycling business, and etc.


3) MTTX)  Think "ZICAM" and think "COLD REMEDIES" and "FALL SEASON COMING UP."  Much of the profit you can make off this stock has already been priced in so wait for a pull back down to $16.00 or less. 

They are trying to increase their revenues through sale of new products and sale of those products to Canada so look for a better 2009.

4)  OFI)  Wait for 50 cent pull back and you have a good entry point for this food processor.

5)  MED)  OMG!  Excellent earnings report as well as good signs regarding some press releases.  This is NOT a food processing company and I have no idea why it gets placed into that sector.  This is a Biotech company specializing in Vitamins and Diet Programs.  Granted they sell FOOD but specifically for a medical, dietary, purpose.  They recently reported that appetite suppressants combined with their program doubles your weight loss.


6)  MSO)  Martha Stewart is the new Female Rambo of the Stock Market with recent success in the merchandising industry.  She's got Jim Cramer bullish and I'm bullish on this as well.  No direction on this stock except UP but still...wait for a good sizeable pullback to a 7 handle.

May want to get in MONDAY Aug. 18th as the stock price may get a boost off of Aug. 19th's conference.

7) FDP)  Fresh Del Monte Produce.  Down 25.4 % year to date.  That's a HUGE sell-off for a good solid company with huge shelf space in supermarkets like Meijer.

August 8th, SunTrust gave this stock a Buy rating.  I am going to back it up with my own BUY (at any price) rating.  Investors have punished this stock far too much.

Funny how the volume on this stock as well as the others I have mentioned is soooooo low, sooooo small right now.  These stocks are still flying under the radar.

FDP:  RSI 56.08%   not bad at all given the share price action on the upside in the past 2 trading days. 


8) JEF)  Jeffries Group is an investment bank impacted by the banking crisis.  However, they would have reported a profit last quarter if it werent for a severance charge.  The 3 cents a share loss is not much compared to what investors should be used to with the financial/investment banks.

Therefore... JEF is a BUY in my book.  But, after a recent 9% share price increase I'd wait for a good pullback down to $16 a share. If they post any kind of profit for 3Q 10/16/2008 the share price will hit new heights of awesomeness.  The relentless downgrading of this stock is happening in my opinion because of a sub-sector wide downgrade and not as a downgrade towards this stock by itself on its own merits.

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