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Inflation factor



September 27, 2008 – Comments (0)

I am sick and tired of hearing how fixed rate debt is good because due to inflation you can pay your debt back with “cheaper dollars”.  That would be all well and good if our salaries were going up to match inflation. But they aren’t.  Every day our money buys less and less and our standard of living goes down. For those people who had a standard of living well beyond what they earned, the reduction is need. But for those of use to live within our means, we’re stuck constantly bailing out the people who lived well beyond their means. I mean, honestly, how much would gas be if there were only half the amount of SUVs on the road? How much better would cars be if people didn’t feel the need to replace them every year? How much cheaper would college education be if everyone didn’t feel they were entitled to a Harvard education?

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