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Inflationary Depression or Recession. How to Protect Yourself. Peter Schiff: Just Stop Paying Your Mortgage



October 19, 2008 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SKF , SLV

A prudent man seeth the evil, and hideth himself; But the simple pass on, and suffer for it.
Proverbs 22:3

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Hosea 4:1-6

I had to come out of retirement, to post some videos. If you are Peter Schiff fan, I think you will like these guys. These were posted on June 24, 2008; I wish I had seen these earlier. There are more videos on We are in a critical phase in US financial history. I think it is imperative that people make decisions that will protect their future.

If I was to give a presentation it would sound like these guys:

Wall Street's Schemes Part I: Mcalvany 2008

The US Housing Decline Part I: Mcalvany 2008 (5:56)

"the government is flat out lying"

"the real estate collapse is taking the US into a Japanesse style recession"

The US Housing Decline Part II: Mcalvany 2008

"a severely declining US dollar will put pressure on long term interest rate"

in a Japanesse recession "people do not borrow and banks do not lend"

"the Bush freeze is patently illegal...foreign confidence will plunge"

"foreign banks will flee the US, while unleashing a firestorm of lawsuits"

An Inflationary Recession Part I: Mcalvany 2008

"we can expect more bank failures"

"we can expect an Inflationary Depression"

"the FED will step aside to safety"

"we are witnessing the destruction of the modern banking system" Bill Gross

An Inflationary Recession Part II: Mcalvany 2008

"FED has to inflate or die"

"unemployment is 10-12%"

US Dollar Cave-In Part I: Mcalvany 2008

"the system is out of control, Wallstreet is out of control"

"five major factors impacting Gold"

"the long term dollar decline began with the birth of the FED"

US Dollar Cave-In Part II: Mcalvany 2008

"oil is heading to $150 to 200 a barrel"

China - The Power Shift Part I: Mcalvany 2008

"Tata motors has a new car for $2500"

"China and India are encouraging people to buy gold"

China - The Power Shift Part II: Mcalvany 2008

"will create a gold buying frenzy"

" gold in in a bull maket in Euros, Swiss Francs etc...."


More here: 

Principles to Consider Part II: Mcalvany 2008 

Financial Roadmap Part I: Mcalvany 2008 

"we like gold better then silver"

"you should own 30% of your portfolio in precious medals"

"avoid South Africa gold shares"

"take delivery of gold stocks...paper stocks is not gold

'15% to 20% in energy" 

"I would have 25% of assets out of the US...Switzerland makes sense"

"the dollar will be replaced by the Amero" 

"exchange controls which would block people from getting assets out of the US" 


Financial Roadmap Part 2: Mcalvany 2008 


Peter Schiff: Just Stop Paying Your Mortgage

If you are a mortgage holder who is either struggling with crushing payments, bitter for having overpaid for your home during the bubble, or who has extravagantly refinanced when prices were rising, the government's landmark $700 billion bailout package has an important message for you: stop making your mortgage payments . . . immediately. 

Furthermore, if you believe that with some planning and sacrifice you may be able to meet your mortgage obligations, the government's message is clear: relax, don't bother. 

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#1) On October 19, 2008 at 3:46 PM, kdakota630 (29.06) wrote:

Excellent clips.  I have to admit I much preferred the first guy to the second guy.  The second guy was informative, but lost some credibility with me once he started talking about the "amero" and started coming off more of a conspiracy guy.

According to Wikipedia:

Opposition to a North American currency union exists high up in the governments on both sides of the Canada–United States border. Herbert Grubel, the first proponent of the amero, admits that American officials show no interest in the topic. He concedes that "there wouldn't be very much benefit for the United States" in an amero. Likewise, the Canadian Department of Finance strongly opposes the creation of a common currency with the United States, citing the loss of economic sovereignty. In briefing documents to Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, finance officials concluded:

"A North American common currency would undoubtedly mean for Canada the adoption of the U.S. dollar and U.S. monetary policy. Canada would have to give up its control of domestic inflation and interest rates."

Link to full Amero article

Plus, as usual I loved the Peter Schiff article.  Thanks for coming out of "blogging retirement" for another very informative blog.

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#2) On October 19, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Harold71 (20.26) wrote:

Great vids, I enjoy these guys.  These seem to be the second part of their video set.  The first ones were pretty good too, if less formal.

I don't know how to embed... but there's more here where I first found 'em.

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#3) On October 19, 2008 at 10:31 PM, abitare (30.11) wrote:


Good find. 

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#4) On October 20, 2008 at 12:38 AM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

Ares, I hope your health is better. You are so right about all of this and there is so much more. May the Strength of God pilot us, May the wisdom of God instruct
 us, May the hand of God protect us, May the Word of God direct
us, Be always ours this day and for evermore.     St. Patrick  Give your mom a kiss and a hug for raising such a good son. 

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