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fransgeraedts (99.71)

Innovating Caps (2); a continuation of a reflection in response to comments by TMFBreakerDave



October 20, 2007 – Comments (2)

Dear David, 

thanks for your kind words.

We do seem to think along the same lines.

I agree with you that Caps creates a very exciting and evermore information rich (one could say thoughtfull) community of investors. To borough a concept from organisational learning theory ( a good source for thinking about Caps) we are together creating a community of inquiry ..investment inquiry to be exact.

In the post above i was thinking of ways to enhance the experience of participating in caps, ways that also enhance the information we produce as a community.

Three strands of thinking are present in the post. (1) Tweak the way charms are used in such a way that new players get more rewards ánd that rewards are permanent. (2) Create a second percentile score that compares you to people within your age group (better then "a class of 2008" would be, i think, to put every player in the middle of "his own" time period)(3) Add the possibility to create within the main list a second, a sublist that follows different selection rules and is rated seperately.

All three could enhance the experience; the third would also create new information.

Another subject that i have been thinking about is blogging within Caps. I think there are several ways to enhance the blogging that is going on. Let me name a few.

(1) It would be very helpfull if it was possible to create something like a table of contents, a way for regular bloggers to group their blogs according to themes. I speak from my own experience in this. I am building trains of thoughts around more then one subject. Thinking about caps is one of those, for example. The state of the financial system after the credit crunch is another, etc. etc.

(2) There should be more "editing" going on. As i have written elsewhere, a very interesting debate has been going on in Caps about the deflation of the housing bubble and its aftermath. It should be possible to construct out of the posts that form the heart of that debate something like a multivoiced essay -complete with a list of links to the bloggers that contributed to the debate (cited or not) for further reading. 

(3) If we make blogging better structured it could become more interesting for "professional thinkers" to participate. Its a complicated question how exactly to make their participation possible but it would certainly be worthwhile. For example, there is a question floating around many a debate in Caps at the moment about liquidity; the way it is created, the role it plays in the financial markets. The phrase "The Fed printing money" is like a (wrong) shortcut pointing to that issue. It would be very helpfull if somebody could enlighten us by introducing and explaining some economic theory about the phenomenon. I imagine that for many academics and/or strategists it would be interesting and challenging to take part in our community in such a way.

My last suggestion for now has to do with the fact that different strategies are being followed inside Caps. It would be interesting to "know" what type of strategy a certain player is following. There are several ways to make that possible. One way would be to make a description of a person's strategy an explicit part of their profile. That could be in the form of an answer to an open question, but also in the form of answering a short questionnaire (preferably both) Even more interesting would it be to make it possible for a player to "tag"himself. The creation of tags that people will use will be a source of information just by itself. And then of course it would also be interesting to see how others "tag"somebody's strategy -and whether or not there are differences.

 yours truly 


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#1) On October 21, 2007 at 3:17 AM, hall9999 (90.65) wrote:

  One suggestion that I don't think I've seem before but that I find very intriguing is the last one.  Player tags would be very enlightening and would provide a very useful data point.

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#2) On October 21, 2007 at 3:33 PM, fransgeraedts (99.71) wrote:

dear Hall,

i appreciate you saying this.

I agree of course wholeheartedly. It would make it much easier to "look" certain strategies "up". I also imagine that there would come into existence close knit groups of people following and discussing tactics within a strategy they all follow.

yours truly



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