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Investing in Crap.- Part Three.



November 04, 2008 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: EPG

Kind of like farting in a crowded room, a while ago I shared my adventures in poop with all of you when I told you about my investment in crap (EPG). After bailing out of the poop with a small profit, I decided to jump back into the vile pile. As the price of gas fell, so fell the value of excrement. I watched it slop downward from the bottom, toward the bottom. With each excremental dropping I became more relieved. As we all should know from personal observation, poop sinks to the bottom first and true to form EPG clumped on the floor as the market followed it down. I slipped back in a little ways at $3.00, then dripped and dropped in a little more each time it slipped lower. Unfortunately my little poop pile collapsed with the market, sinking lower and lower as it spread out searching for the lowest floor. I am now under.....water. But I am not flushing. I have come to believe in crap investing. And  this pile of crap is as likely to run as any. I believe more people will someday want to own crap. In fact the US Gov has recently updated the CAFO permitting process. CAFO stand for Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations, or as I refer to them Free Poop Factorys. It has become required that your Poop Processing Plan be approved along with your Poop Producing Permit. In other words if you want to spew immense amounts of crap you have to be able to handle your immense crap (please refer to the Political Asylum board). And since EPG turns a Poop disposal expense into a processed poop profit for the CAFO this can only be hot stuff for EPG.


And while I'm thinking about it, welcome back Lordz ;-)

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#1) On November 04, 2008 at 12:06 PM, LordZ wrote:

Oh heckie naaa, I'm almost too afraid to comment on this for fear of being labeled a racist against poop or something...

But what the heck, i've never played safe, until you get thrown around by an angry 400 Ibs big mad pile of a poppy person, you've never truly lived, especially if you survive the encounter and have the good fortune to laugh that someone so big could have the gaul to tell the police that someone so small actually picked and started the fight ~ out come extra pairs of handcuffs ~ a real life experience FYI and I wasn't the one heading to jail, although a cheap shot to my rib cage and getting slammed on concrete did cause discomfort for a month or two..

ANyways what I can tell you about T * rds, is that you can polish them all up, put some perfume on them, and think all the positive things, but in the end, you'll still discover that its still a t*rd......

flush that t*rd down where it belongs, eventually the stench will be unbearable !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank ya D


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#2) On November 04, 2008 at 12:14 PM, devoish (70.28) wrote:

Lordz says "Poop Stinks".... more to follow.

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