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Investor Part II: How to earn the Achievements!



November 25, 2008 – Comments (0)

So you mastered the cheat codes Investor FAQs revealed to MOTLEY FOOL-ites 2 weeks ago but you still can't earn those hard to get achievements?  Not a problem anymore as Investor FAQs will walk you through the easiest path to victory to get the maximum 1,000 achievement points allowed in the Stock Market.

We list the easiest achievements first, hardest last.  Just read the achievement and the best solution underneath:

Achievement 1 (50 pts):  Obtain a triple bagger within 30 days or less in a new stock position during an economic crisis.

Solution:  Find a cheap penny stock in the financial sector with a small amount of outstanding shares, around 20 million or less, and buy a tiny position of the stock.  Record the share price.

Then spend $100,000 or whatever it takes to buy the stock up until you hit a triple bagger  (3 times the share price of your original investment)!

Achievement 2 (150 pts): Successfully short and double your money in whatever company Warren Buffet has a position in.

Solution:  Just keep shorting Berkshire Hathaway. . . . (see Motley Fool Article regarding the multi-billion dollar PUTS that Warren Buffet sold).

3)  Achievement 3 (200 pts):  Earn $1 million in a single year without buying or selling 1 share of any stock in the stock market.

Solution:  Start up your own Ultra Short ETF and give it a cool sounding name like:

"America's Blackhole Society ETF UltraShort Fund"

"Don't Blame me, I didn't vote for him Super Oh My God Ultra Short ETF"

"Bail Yourself Out Now!!  Ultra Short ETF"

In a matter of seconds millions of dollars of other investor's money will flood your ETF in the next Panic Selling spree.

4)  Achievement 4 (250):  Successfully predict the bottom in the DOW, or NASDAQ, or S&P 500, or any of the RUSSEL Indexes.

Solution:  Just predict ZERO.....In any of the indexes the bottom is always ZERO... can't go below ZERO or the stock market will Pay YOU to buy a company's shares.

5) Achievement 5 (350 pts):  Outperform the S&P 500 Index by 33% or more.

Solution:  Don't invest any of your money in equities.   Those who haven't are already up 46% this year.

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