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Investor Idiocy Regins Supreme in 3 Stocks on the Stock Market Today...



September 12, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: DPS , CLNE

1) DPS -   Sell some of your shares if you bought down to $20 a share on Monday.}

I love Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.  But, I do not love it at $26.52 a share at this stage in the game.
Granted... The Stock is undervalued even at $28 a share. 

But... Let's be realistic.  To achieve the *true value* stock price I want to see more from the company before I'm willing to view what's going on with any semblance of believability.

I am a long term investor of DPS.   But, for all of the Stock Traders out there.. I say put up a $27 limit price and sell off some of your shares.  The RSI on this is now in the 80s. 80.9% according to Scottrade. 

Look at the Consensus estimates for next 2 quarters which absolutely can not justify the stock price to be any greater than $27 a share (at least for now).  This seems like a pattern where big money hedge funds pump a stock pump a stock pump a stock pump a stock.... I mean Hedge funds gone wild!

I fully expect a stock like DPS to be in the 30s next year but next year is still several months away!

2) QTWW)  $1.25 a share.  I declared this stock as a bad, bad, bad investment on Scottrade Community Forums.  Why? Their most expensive buisness line is their automotive group "Flicker" and "Flicker" is unable to sustain itself afloat due to a total lack of profitability.

Therefore it takes out a $65 million loan.  

Since we may not see any legislation that would mean anything for QTWW until after the election, QTWW should remain a STRONG DON'T BUY and if you bought any shares of QTWW and you are wondering why this is falling....


I fully expect this stock to at least fall to $1.00 a share possibly all the way to 50 cents a share depending on how the rest of their business does.  Someone bought this at $1.35 a share today... They are in the house of pain for a long, long, long time.

3) CLNE)  This stock continues to amaze me at the idiocy of Wall Street. 

You have Boone Pickens wife buying up hundreds of thousands of shares in the beginning of the year prior to the "T. Boone Pickens" campaign on CNG compressed natural gas for vehicles.

Then you have Nancy Pelosi who doesn't know that Natural Gas is a fossil fuel buying up tens of thousands of shares.... Then you have Jim Cramer pumping and pumping and pumping the stock day in and day out and even hosting the C.E.O. on his show at a time in which the company hasn't even come CLOSE to achieving profitability status...

And before we ever got an Earnings Report from CLNE since Jim Cramer pumped it.

Jim Cramer who supposedly doesn't want to hurt his investors is at the same time pumping a massively speculative stock that is way over inflated to the up side prematurely.

Jim Cramer then recites the 10 year contract of 350 vehicles or so going to be fueled by CLNE.
Sorry... But given how badly in debt this company is that's not an earth shaking revelation justifying the stock to be a $15 stock much less trading just over $18 and even about as high as $19.50 at one point.

And again.... We won't see anything on the CNG side in Congress until next year when a President is selected because we have a DO-NOTHING  Sitting Duck Congress more concerned right now over their job security than in working hard for the American People.

I'd wait this one back down to 2nd of July Lows before I'd buy it.  Yes.. I'd be a buyer on it then.

Arrest me and beat me up to a bloody pulp if you wish when I say that the stock trading activity on:


is absolutely warranted a serious investigation.

It is interesting that T. Boone Picken's Wife sold 500, 000 shares
on Sept. 11th (a time when investors are remembering Sept. 11th Terrorist Attacks and distracted).

Do you know what kind of impact that is?  She basically dumped 1/6th of her entire stake!

Gee.... Why did she do that?  Hmmm.. Hmm....  Maybe it's because the stock price is unrealistically been pumped and pumped and pumped to a level that is waaaaaaay over priced.

How to be a millionairre... I guess it's all about the friends you have as a recent episode of Jim Cramer's Mad Money, Jim Cramer said, "I am friends with T. Boone."  If I am not mistaken this was said this week! Maybe it was the Thursday show or Wednesday show... If my hearing is correct.

Where's the investigation?  Someone's gotta take a look at stock manipulation over many of these alternative speculative stocks in the stock market.

Because.. as an investor.. I find it disturbing that some investors are getting an advantage over others.

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