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Investor Strategy for: TERRA INDUSTRIES (tomorrow)



July 23, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: TRA.DL

Greetings TERRA INDUSTRIES investors.

Tomorrow is simple!

As soon as the *preview* of the earnings report appears in all of its deceitful, inaccurate, malarky strikes on TRA.....  Check the Price of TRA... If it is way above your entry point.... Slap a Trailing Stop (SELL) for a small portion of your shares.

The idea is to take advantage of emotional investors bidding up the stock from the good news to your advantage.

Unfortunately, if you already took some profits on TRA's rally yesterday or today before TRA dropped back down.... And you bought more shares on the drop....

You probably can't sell any shares.

No biggee!  Just wait a week after the earnings report and stay focused on Cycling the sucker.

Could TRA report a BAD earnings report tomorrow?

YES!  They could either downgrade their outlook..... Or they could have sustained some damage issues and shipment delays during the 2Q's flood in Iowa.  Certainly can't ship out fertilizer to drowning farmers until the flood dies down.  How much impact to the downside? who knows.  Upside is that the same customers probably ordered more fertilizer because of the flood.

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