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IoT- Internet of Things



November 05, 2017 – Comments (0)

You must have heard the term 'IoT' by now, it is one of the hottest and most trending topics nowadays. IoT stands for Internet of Things. To understand what the hype is about you first need to clear your concept about the Internet of things. Internet of Things refers to the not so new technology that is the use of internet connection by the normal household items like the newly introduced fridge which tells you when the milk is finished and adds it to your grocery list or the new air conditioners which adjust their temperatures themselves and shut down automatically when you are not in the room.

According to Pulsar Star: “In an era where we are surrounded by technology and where the world is dominated by the internet, internet of things is surprisingly not that common mainly because of its high cost. Internet of things is getting common with the course of time. Internet of things will be all around you in a few years from your homes to your workspace. From telling you the things you are running out of and adding it to your grocery list to keeping track of office supplies and automatically ordering more when needed. We will soon be consumed with the things which use the internet. Internet of Things can have a huge impact on business. Internet of Things can have a huge impact on agriculture from keeping the track of crops to all kind of knowledge regarding the factors affecting agriculture and seeds. Industries can up their game too with the introduction of the Internet of Things by keeping track of each and every raw material but that will result in less need of human resource which will eventually lead to unemployment.”

 IoT not only can play a huge role in the economy but also plays a role when it comes to health facilities. Smart bands and wrist watches that measure your walked steps or heartbeat and quite common nowadays, smart pills or instruments that are now able to take readings and observations with accuracy more than ever. This new era will be full of things operated or things using the internet. IoT has its decent amount of benefits but all these devices ask for quite a lot of information about the owner which might result in the information getting in the wrong hands like for example, the AC can tell when someone enters or leaves.

With so many advantages there are always some disadvantages, when it comes to IoT these demerits cannot be just brushed off. IoT poses a real threat when it comes to privacy. It might not seem like a big issue right now since products with such technologies are not deadly common at the moment and no computer genius would go out of his way just to track some one's data through IoT. At least not yet. This will be a very dangerous threat to the people and organizations since there is not enough privacy when it comes to the internet if things and they can be easily hacked into knowing your routines or when you are home to carry out some attack or knowing a specific piece of information that is supposed to be shielded. So the fact that IoT provides poor security is a really big issue. Work is being done to improve the security of the Internet of Things. Security and privacy are the things that must never be compromised upon. It is predicted that the use of devices using IoT will be tripled than what is it right now that is to almost 34 billion. Now, these devices might help with the environment but there will be little to no privacy if the devices can be invaded by the government.

IoT is something that can either have a very good outcome or a very poor one. So far the positive feedback is indicating to its bright future of IoT and we will be swimming in a pool full of products with the Internet of Things. It is like what mobile phones were like to earlier generation, an amazing innovation but now it almost seems like nothing special. IoT has a bright future if the experts will be able to increase the level of security than it is right now.

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