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Is WW3 The Only Way To Solve This Mess?



June 28, 2012 – Comments (0)

Everybody wants to borrow from everyone else.....

Financial investments are simply debt instruments or derivatives of debt instruments

Now it's impossible to pay back debts

Legally, contracts that are impossible to perform are void

Government owes its citizens pension payments it can't afford to pay

Citizens no longer produce what they consume and depend on others for esentially everything they need

Others can no longer afford to functioning in collapsing industrial economies

As expectations for industrial promises are breaking down....more and more are becoming frustrated and angry

Bankrupt governments around the world are trying to secure resources

Many are hoarding cash....merely debt instruments for future promises that can't be peformed

As tension and anger rise globally over failed promises and unmet expectations....will humanity be forced to fight to determine who owes who what as we try to sort out a world of bankrupt promises and financial instruments?

Cities around America going bankrupt.....China is arming in the South Seas....Russia doing exercises near Alaska......Mexicans slaughtering each other.....Turkey fortifying its boarder with Syria.....Israel facing issues with Egypt and Iran.....Tensions rising in the Falklands.....bombs going off througout the Middle East....3 out of 4 Pakistanis view America as the enemy.....North and South Korea flaring up.....all over trying to control resources and control impossible promises.

There is anudder way.....a technologically driven SUSTAINABLE OPEN SOURCE ECONOMY....welcome to the

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