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It's all well and good to violate the pervs



January 15, 2009 – Comments (0)

...but what about when it's your privacy being violated? What if they decide you're "insider trading" and search your emails? What if they have a personal vendetta against you for betting against the stock they were invested in, and they plant child porn on your computer?

Yeah, we all like to see the feds get the pervs and haul 'em off to jail. But what if they start going after everyday citizens instead, rooting out political opposition, throwing undesirables into jail, persecuting gays, Jews, and Communists?

Is the UK ready to give its State the power of the Third Reich? What if the wrong PM gets elected?

P.S. Sorry if this is old news to y'all, but I just came across it again, and I thought it bore repeating.

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