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It's Almost Over....Soon You WILL Understand



April 02, 2010 – Comments (1)

Your retirement account is funding government workers and Wall Street employees.  It is your retirement account responsible for their bonuses, high salaries, and lavish lifestyles as now government and Wall Street is borrowing about $3 trillion per year while the private sector gets cut off from credit.

When government and Wall Street can borrow basically unlimited amounts of money for free.....and you get paid nothing for savings.....eventually, if you get cut off from die.  Plain and simple.

Now, government and Wall Street can pick who lives and dies....who gets money and who doesn't....whose retirement account gets confiscated and whose gets more funding.

Soon you will understand as the world as you know it comes to an end as government and Wall Street picks who lives and who dies.....and you essentially have no input into the outcome because you didn't care.....and now its too late.  It will be interesting to see the Fools reaction when the find out their retirement accounts have been stripped of any lasting value.

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — They call it Space City, U.S.A.

Drive along Highway 50 into Titusville, just across the Indian River from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, and you’ll pass a Space Shuttle Inn, Shuttle Car Wash, and Space Coast Pawn & Jewelry. One of the town's two high schools is called Astronaut High. There's an elementary school called Apollo.

Shuttle technician Dan Quinn can't go shopping at the local Walmart without running into co-workers from Kennedy, by far the town's largest employer. His kids used to play a game: Guess how many friends Dad's going to see. Five? Six? Quinn would buy the winner a candy bar.

Like Hollywood and the movies, Detroit and its cars, Titusville's fortunes have long been tied to aerospace. Prospering during the Apollo heyday, declining when the program was halted. Expanding with the shuttle program, taking a hit with the disasters of Challenger and Columbia.

Now, as NASA prepares to ground its shuttle fleet permanently — just
four more launches are planned, including one early Monday — Titusville's 45,000 residents are left to wonder what's next.

50,000 jobs lost from the Space Shuttle program.....35,000 jobs lost from shutting down the Toyota/GM plant.......but don't worry, government is borrowing more money from your retirement account to temporarily hire some workers for the census.....and don't forget all those Wall Street workers lavishing in bonuses taken from your retirement should not be much longer now as the criminal investigations begin.....a little late don't you think???????????????????????

Report: Criminal probe targets Calif. pension fund


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