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It's Slavery When You Bail Out Wall Street and NOT Main Street



July 24, 2011 – Comments (0)

In an economic system where money is FREEDOM, if you hand money to a privileged few and not the many, the result is functional slavery.

At Udder World, the readership has increased 400% in the past week and a appears more are beginning to understand.

If our economy is a Ponzi Scheme, it should be a Ponzi Scheme for EVERYONE, or else a Ponzi Scheme for NO ONE.

It is insane that we bail out bankers and let them take millions in bonuses....but tell firefighters and cops, who risk their lives protecting us, that they must take a 50% haircut in their pensions?

I warned you America would collapse if you simply focused on the ticker and NOT THE MORALITY behind it.....and now it is as everyone is fighting for the PRINTED MONEY.

And in a nation where government is WE THE PEOPLE, and government can PRINT MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR.....everyone is entitled to the money.

NOT just Wall Street and Washington.

The easiest way to get out of this mess is start WW3.....and from a quick look around the world, we are really not that far off.....unless we wake up and change our ENTIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM to a sustainable model based on fairness and justice.

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