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It's Time To Stop Being Selfish Fools



January 21, 2012 – Comments (0)


Take a deep breath. All 100% of us live together in one system at some level. Whether we view the system as the the planet, the world, the nation, the state, the city, the neighborhood, or the particular street we live some point above, we all are collectively dependent on each other.

The easiest current example of a system was the... ship that sank off the coast of Italy. The ship itself was a system....but there were subsystems like First Class, Passengers, Crew....and systems within those catagories. But at the ship level, everyone was part of that system.....and when the ship sank, EVERYONE SANK WITH IT regardless whether they perceived themselves as the 99% or 1%.

We are all part of the Economy...whether it is the American Economy or Global Economy. When a child dies in Africa of starvation, that child is part of the failure of the global economy.

We live in an economic model based on JOBS. And right now our Economy is SYSTEMICALLY COLLAPSING due to Zombulation...the elimination of jobs due to advancing technology and financial deleveraging(the banksters cutting off the world from credit).

Jobs are what drives revenues to government, families, and investments that distinguish the 1% from the 99%.....and right now the jobs based system is collapsing for everyone. And at a lot faster rate for those NOT bailed out vs. those that were. But don't fool yourself....our jobs based system is collapsing, and we are holding it together by lies and burying our heads in the sand....just like those on the ship was sinking...regardless whether you want to believe it or not.

WE WILL ALL HAVE TO RECOGNIZE THIS IN THE NEAR FUTURE....or frustration and anger will drive us to fight with each other in a battle for control.

Be patient....there is anudder way....a way where we can all participate and benefit from advancing technology reducing our need to labor and setting more around the world free from tyranny and

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