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Jan 10, 2014 Benchmark Investing (BI) Selections



January 06, 2014 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: PBCT , GNW

There are only two stocks to review this week and there is a recommended change in my portfolio that I will choose to skip for the time being.

This week’s candidate :

PBCT (People’s Bank)  – I have been well served with holding People’s United stock. While some solid gains have been realized, it seems that more are to come in the future. They remain well positioned if the environment changes more positive for them even by a small degree. This stock remains undervalued while its fundamentals continue to improve. Decision: Hold

GNW (Genworth)  – The stock has done well and should continue to as its fundamentals continue to improve, which they have been for a while now. That said, its large upward increase in price has caused it to hit is BI upside price target, which normally implies that I should sell my holdings. Having said that, today the stock is up another 3%; for the time being I will likely just sell a call option at a meaningfully higher price target and reevaluate my position in the future. Decision: Hold

The Process:

Every week a refresh of key financial data, stock prices, and economic data are evaluated. This information is analyzed using Kenneth Lee's selection process as described in “Trouncing the Dow". Individual stocks are selected based on their relative valuation compared to their own historical valuation metrics. The scientific based approach allow for a superior “rules-based” decision making to buy and sell stocks that has been proven to yield superior results over time.

Each week a broad set of stocks are considered to be bought, sold, or held as part of the process.

Tickers discussed this week: PBCT, GNW

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