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TMFBent (99.17)

Jedi Mind Stock Promotion



October 02, 2009 – Comments (4)


Thanks to caps, an especially funny and brazen stock promotion by a company called "Jedi Mind" is currently amusing me. The company, which excels in press releases about meaningless non-events, even engages in pitches directly to the rubes. Here's the CEO discussing the stock's recent volume and price moves -- wink wink -- in a press release.

"This started on Friday of last week when the stock closed at .16 with volume in excess of 14 million shares," commented Brent Fouch, CEO of Jedi Mind, Inc. "We have made a few announcements recently including the filming for the 'Inside Business' Segment on CNBC and CNN Headline News and many other outlets, which is expected to reach over 90 million viewers. Once completed, we will be able to announce airtimes and dates.""

Here's a sampling of this company's recent non-events which needed press.

Jedi Mind Develops First Prototype GamePR Newswire(Tue, Sep 29) Jedi Mind Schedules Final Filming Date Regarding CNBC and CNN Headline NewsPR Newswire(Thu, Sep 17) Correction: Jedi Mind, Inc. to Participate in Opening Bell Ceremony at NASDAQ Marketplace - Not Ring BellPR Newswire(Wed, Sep 16) Jedi Mind to Expand Medical and Gaming DivisionsPR Newswire(Wed, Sep 16) Jedi Mind Selected to Ring Opening Bell at NASDAQ Marketplace During RedChip New York Equities ConferencePR Newswire(Thu, Sep 10) Jedi Mind Updates Shareholders Regarding CNBC and CNN Headline NewsPR Newswire(Wed, Sep 2) Jedi Mind Medical Applications Division to Concentrate on Wheelchair Mobility ApplicationsPR Newswire(Tue, Sep 1) Jedi Mind Management Comments on Stock Price and VolumePR Newswire(Tue, Aug 25) Issues Trading Outlook for Jedi Mind Inc.GlobeNewswire(Tue, Aug 25) Jedi Mind to Form Medical Applications DivisionPR Newswire(Wed, Aug 19)

Sorry that's a pile of garbage, but CAPS blogs don't take pastes well...

Shall we head for the SEC filings to see more about this great upportunity? Wow, nothing there but notices of exempt offering of securities. Oh, there's some hype about "thought control" games and medical devices. But with no filings, of course, there's no way to know anything about these alleged developments. You can't call this a pig in  a poke, because that's not fair to pigs or pokes. There's no poke even, here. Nothing describing the company, the tech, who's in charge, what their R&D budget is, why they believe they can compete with the billion-dollar companies who are already miles ahead on such research. Zip. Nada.

In short, this looks like a below-average quality, amateur microcap pink-sheet stock promotion.

No doubt, some will buy into this skeegy-looking outfit anyway. I only hope they remember this when they lose their money: All y'all were warned.



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#1) On October 02, 2009 at 10:28 AM, TMFBent (99.17) wrote:

So, a little more digging reveals interesting stuff.

For instance, jedi mind's investor page has links to financial statements, but few of these appear to work. (I wonder why?) Apparently, there is some info at pinksheets. And while you're there, check out the pathetic statement of operations.

Now, there is a link that works on Jedi's website. it's this one.

Notice that the predecessor company was named "blackhawk." A search on the CEO/president of Jedi Mind turns up a web page for someone identically named, with a racing company called blackhawk. However the "contact us" link there, and you see it's for Brent Fouch and blackhawkfinancial.

Odd. So our young mind-control gaming expert's other day job is an off-road racing site? But wait, there's more!

Anyway, how about the predecessor company, blackhawk financial. What did it do? Well, if this is it (and it looks like it is, because the same characters are involved) then it was in the... promotion business for microcaps. So, it looks like we have a microcap promotion company deciding to switch biz to a mind-control device, then promote itself.

When the big boss isn't doing the whole offroad racing thing.

Read that description again and you'll see more about the morphing of this micocap promotion outfit, which doesn't really describe things in full. (What's "blackhawk fund" for instance?)

So let's see what this filing promises, shall we?

The Issuer has started its operations in its current form approximately three months ago. The Issuer does not anticipate any significant elements of income or loss that do not arise from the issuer's continuing operations in the near future. The Issuer does not have any planned or existing material commitments for capital expenditures.

Wow, no business to speak of, and no plans for capital expenditures or other commitments. (So why do they need to raise capital through share offerings, and how do they plan to grow a business with no spending?)

And what of the great Mr. Brent Fouch? Here's a notable losing operation from his past (Angel Acquisition used to be "palomar enterprises," panned in stockpatrol.

It looks to me like Brent Fouch is a serial stock promoter, and with no real business to speak of in those filings, and no substantive plans, it's my conclusion that Brent Fouch and Jedi Mind are simply looking to promote a stock for a quick score.


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#2) On October 02, 2009 at 10:38 AM, rofgile (99.00) wrote:

Mind Control - its the future, TMFBent!

Just ask the CAPS user named "StockCaps360" (who's been pumping this in CAPS blogs)...

The pictures on the website are amusing at least... 


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#3) On October 02, 2009 at 12:55 PM, Tastylunch (28.54) wrote:

Tim Sykes and Everydayinvestor nailed these fools over a month ago.

Their sites have a lot more info.

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#4) On May 04, 2010 at 2:31 PM, jammer12347 (< 20) wrote:

Looks like this little company proved everyone wrong on this board. Since your postings that tried to discredit this CEO and company, they have invented 2 thought controlled applications that work. I purchased the Jedi Mouse and am truly amazed that I can operate my computer with only my mind. Next time don't bash people or companies trying to do something new and unique or you will be made out to be the Motley Fool.

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