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(JEF) Jefferies Group is a Strong Buy still...



September 12, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: JEF.DL , C , LEH

I've been Bullish on (JEF) Jefferies Group for about a month now.  I am still bullish on this stock.

They have recently issued a press release in hiring some 25 or so managers to expand one of their business lines and this just strengthens the argument.  I am not going to pretend that I understand financials or understand JEF.  Cause I don't.

But, what I do understand is when that sector is in dire straights you go for companies that are doing well but their share price is way undervalued.

If JEF is hiring managers.... And not laying several people off....  Then why is it at 17 something a share?  This stock continues to get mistreated by Standard and Poors and other analysts ONLY because it is in the Investment Sector of Financials.

No one cares about the Company... as the Company.... No one is looking at JEF's fundamentals.

The fundamentals are this:  they are going to be profitable by the end of this year!

And I base that on the fact that they would ALREADY be profitably if it weren't for last quarter's severance charge.

Put it this way... If you haven't gotten in to the financials yet then select some stocks you think are worth a buy and compare them to JEF and then see for yourself why I am bullish on JEF.

12 month Target Price---->    $28 a share.

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