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Jim Rogers, David Tice, Gartman, 9/30/08; Ron Paul Misquoted on CNN 9/30/08



October 01, 2008 – Comments (7) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD , SKF

This was a great round up of Bloomberg 9/30/08. Lots of Gold recommendation. I can support that, PHYSICAL gold held in a personnel safe. 

Ron Paul Misquoted on CNN 9/30/08

"Ron Paul appeared on CNN this afternoon to discuss the bailouts. The interviewer put up a quote attributing it to Ron Paul that was actually written by Lew Rockwell on his own site. The site the interviewer found the quote on was actually, which is not Ron Pauls site, but rather a very popular Ron Paul site run by a supporter (also listed in Liberty Mavens blogroll). That site aggregates Ron Paul related news and posts it. In this case, the words quoted are from this post by Lew Rockwell on" 

Corperate media hates Dr Ron Paul

FYI - Here is the segment of video FAUX refused to re- air after the debate. The FAUX news police are attempting to remove this video from public viewing.

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#1) On October 01, 2008 at 12:57 PM, abitare (29.90) wrote:

Fools may think I am over doing the Ron Paul support.... I say that is impossible. Dr Paul is the most honest and intelligent person in the American government. It is important to share his message, his integrity, his vision of the future and hope to the rest of America.

Yes, there is hope. I think Ron Paul videos are the most important thing I do here on CAPS. 

I try and support the truth tellers, with my little niche in the world with my Fool army of 2-4 loyal groupies! 

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#2) On October 01, 2008 at 1:18 PM, Tastylunch (28.76) wrote:

And where would one actually purcahse physcial gold if one wanted to? just curious, not that is really safe anyway in a doom day scenario as the gov't would probably roosevelt it. Heck they already banned short selling FDR never did that, all bets are off for gov't intervention.

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#3) On October 01, 2008 at 1:30 PM, abitare (29.90) wrote: has places to order gold and silver. I prefer to PAY cash at the local gold dealer and not leave a credit trail. Gold and guns, two investments everyone over 50 should have.  

You can also use (Mish Shedlock has a link on his site)

Or you can buy directly from the Perth Mint. 

I expect the govenment will try and do something to "help" at some point. Most Americans have little REAL wealth, it is NOMINIAL paper back up by paper and digits... I could see the government confiscating GLD and personnel assets "for the good of the nation".

I like gold and farm land in a portfolio. REAL assets: land, gold, silver, guns, cows, sheep, truck, positive cash flow real estate, EURO, Swiss fracs etc....

The short selling ban is an extremely bad omen. I will be out of stocks and banks completely if they do something like that again.  

Also everyone should have their own business with their first $30k. The way to to true wealth is through your own business. You should start it as a side job and then go from there.

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#4) On October 01, 2008 at 1:37 PM, SolidDEF (< 20) wrote:

Ron Paul is what America needs, but sadly it is not what they need, but what they want.  And they want McCain or Obama.  Both are good guys and will be a major upgrade from our current president.  But I heard Ron Paul's opinions and he is right.  If you want to hear him go to the Republican Debates where all others candidates bash him, even the medidator does it.  Oh, and Ron Paul was the only Republican candidate to vote against going into Iraq.  But HE is the crazy one?  Right.

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#5) On October 01, 2008 at 1:55 PM, abitare (29.90) wrote:

Here is CNN going after Dr Ron Paul,again:

Ron Paul Mops the Floor with CNN Anchor (05/20/07)


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#6) On October 01, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Tastylunch (28.76) wrote:

Thanks for the info , Ares.

as far as starting your own business I would say there are least three major caveats to that (although I certainly think it is the true way to wealth)

1)  Most small businesses, that I know of, you have to go full time into to make them function at all. Especially retail or other types of service businesses most people have the skill sets for.There are too many people trying to do the same thing you are and working full time at it for you just be able to do it recreationally in most cases. Unless you are an ebay store or something like that, part time is usually not a viable option.Perhaps if you are skilled at writing software you could do that but it could be three-five years before you break even in that if you do at all...

2) getting funding to start one right now is impossible. It just is, there is no banks loaning anybody any money. You can forget VCs too. Bootstrapping off of 30k is not likely going to get you very far...If you do need money I'd try a local de novo bank, most of them have zero subprime/mortgage exposure due to their age and some are still lending money to SBOs (cautiously)

3) many people who start one will fail completely at least a couple of times. At least that's been my experience. None of the shops that were on my block when I started in the family biz are still here and many of those guys knew what they were doing...

Just things to keep in mind. It certainly can be done (and is successfully all the time), but if it weren't tough  Americans would be doing it more often :-)

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#7) On October 01, 2008 at 2:20 PM, abitare (29.90) wrote:


You have to think more outside of the box. I am familiar with what yo are saying.

I can buy a lawn mower and start a Landscaping business tomorrow. Part time.

I can post on craigslist for free and proof read and resumes for $100-225 each 

I can install ceiling fans. $75 - 120 each.

I can lease a taxi.

Start a website.

Get my A+ certificate and fix computers.

I can sell used clothes. Leather biker jackets on ebay.

House sit

Property manager



All those business would be cheap and build from there. 

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