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June 12, 2013 – Comments (5)

This post is going to be short and simple. If you don't add JohnCLeven to your favorites and read all he has to say...... his pitches for his picks plus his blogs you are selling yourself short. He hasn't been a CAPS member all that long but I can tell pretty quickly who can invest and who can't. This kid or young man is on the right track. Many can learn from him if they truly understand what he is saying and where he is coming from. I do not know him except for following him on CAPS this past year and I hope he don't mind this blog. Just thought I would help out the community of CAPS players by telling my find of one of my favorite players. Well that's it. Good luck all.

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#1) On June 14, 2013 at 5:53 PM, GyroDynasty (98.88) wrote:

I don't mean to be a jerk, but if you look at this player's stats and the reasons for his/her picks there's nothing too impressive there.  There are a plethora of players that are far better in their performance and their pitches.  You might be long on JohnCLeven as a stock picker, but I'd short that if I could.  

P.S. This is not an ad hominem attack, but I just see that there's a lot more talent out there and I'm not too sure JohnCLeven is "on the right track."  So I disagree.  

P.S.S. Also, I am not implying, in no way, that I'm a better stock picker myself.   

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#2) On June 15, 2013 at 9:24 PM, valuemoney (99.99) wrote:

Give me ten players you think are far better. I am talking about investors also. I know there are many players better at trading. I have analyzed many players on CAPS I would bet 8 out of the ten names you state I have looked at. Remember you also said they need to have informative pitches along with performance. If they have a lot of big losers in there picks I don't want them because I could gamble a lot more and have more big winners also but I would have a lot more losers also. I make my money from valuing businesses and not trading. I contend this is the best way to get rich over the long hall. You may disagree so we might be on a different page. Plus I would like to know your list so I can go back over the player just in case I misjudged them and should be looking for ideas from them! :)

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#3) On June 18, 2013 at 7:29 PM, GyroDynasty (98.88) wrote:

You, old king TMFEldrehad, now pitch silent TMFBabo, BravoBevo, Chk999, multiple account holder cecamadocv, tenmiles, TDRH, portfi(something){I think that one's controversial}, AirForceFool, downwithpumpers(if still around), gtrinvestor and a bunch of people ourperforming him.  Time will tell, but as of now, no.  

A bunch of losers are not a problem as long as you make up for them with a big homerun stock.  I don't value businesses as seriously as I once did, but I don't trade stocks either, I simply buy high yield dividend stocks and reinvest the dividends somewhere else (not the same stock).  That's my strategy, so I don't know if that puts us on the same page or not.  

Sorry if I came across as a (rhymes with rick), but after years and years hearing projections of potential stars in baseball draft picks and minor league baseball, I get pissed when someone is projected to be great and their stats tell a different story.  I find the praise and elevation above others that do perform to be an injustice.  I feel the same way sometimes over bullsh#t stocks.  

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#4) On June 20, 2013 at 11:26 AM, valuemoney (99.99) wrote:

O no you are fine. I just think my sight for stocks is equil to seeing who can pick them. As for your list. The only one I like is chk999 over johncleven. And of course he is one of my favorites. Bravobevo is awesome at what he does but how many pitches does he give? How many informative pitches does chk999 give? How many informative blogs have they gave? Go to each one of those players and comment on one of their stock pitches. Tell me the response they give. I bet you won't get many. Now go to johncleven page ask him a question. I bet you will get a response and get reasoning behind his pick. I bet it will be a good reason too! As for me you can't pick me as one of your 10. Nor msira or valuemoneygreen. All of the profiles you have listed I have went through all there picks. I like my chances with johncleven if I had to choose one to put my money with. Thanks for your reply! I like to know what people think even if we do disagree! And in no way did I think you were being a jerk. It is good when people speak out!

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#5) On June 20, 2013 at 11:50 AM, valuemoney (99.99) wrote:

I take it back i would not pick chk999 over johncleven. I just went back over his picks and would rather go with johncleven. Chk999 isn't even on my list of favorites anymore. He does give a lot of pitches but they are not very informative. I can't say much myself. I do a poor job writing pitches. It is too time consuming. Well not really I am just lazy about it. If one asks me a question I always try to get back to them. If you go to my valuemoneygreen page and read my pitches especially the WFC pitch and all the comments you will see how I go about investing. Same goes for the SYY pick. I am making a bit of a better effort on explaining things on that page. Who adds that profile to their favorites though? Doesn't look that good does it? But you would be a lot better off following that page than my valuemoney CAPS page.

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